Former General Hospital stars and baby

05/01/2005 at 10:22 AM ET

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Heather sent us these, saying, Here are pics of Actor/Singer Jonathon Jackson and his Wife, Actress Lisa Vultaggio, and Son Caleb Nathaniel (Born June, 2003) Both Jonathan and Rebecca used to play "Lucky Spencer" and "Elizabeth Webber" on General Hospital and their Characters were romantically involved on the show and had quite a huge Fan Base!!

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Stephanie on

I can’t believe little Lucky has a kid.

Laura on

Oh, thank you for finding these! I’ve been dying to see this little guy since he was born. Used to watch Daddy since he was 10 years old, and he’s been in a few good things since. Mommi was on GH too, she played Hannah, one of Sonny’s many women (the first FBI agent) and Roy DeLuca’s daughter.Jonathan was raised close to my uncle’s house just before getting on GH, and is 2 months younger than my oldest, who just got engaged, and I still think he’s too young, but this one always seemed older in spirit. Amber Tamblyn was also a costar, and Vanessa Marcil now on Las Vegas. That casting crew finds some good ones, but it bites in a way because they always end up leaving for the big time. Demi Moore, Janine Turner, and John Stamos were in the 80’s group.

Ashley on

OMG! I wasn’t expecting this, but I’m so glad you posted it! I’ve been looking forward to seeing this little man since I found out Lisa and JJ were pregnant! I have been a faithful GH fan for years, and I’m so glad to see the beautiful offspring of JJ! Aww..he’s such a cutie and looks a LOT like his daddy!

me on

I don’t think she played Elizabeth
According to IMDB she played Hannah Scott

me again on

Laura, Re: “I still think he’s too young, but this one always seemed older in spirit”

She is 32 and he is 23

meghan on

I had no idea they were married. He is very young…

staceyeas76 on

he still seems like a little boy to me from watching him grow up on on gh. yea lisa played hannah on gh and jonathan was lucky. it also says in the article up there that her name is rebecca maybe they r confusing her with rebecca herbst who plays elizabeth on the show and was involved with jacksons character lucky. she is also married to a former gher michael saucedo who played juan on the show. they have 2 kids together.

Laura on

“Me again”- I know she’s older,(although one atricle put her at only 5 years his sr., not 9, but who knows?) but he’s stll just turning 23 on May 11, and the little guy 2 in June, so he was a daddy while technically still 20, and i think it was said they’d married a year bfore that, which still seems young, since my son is born exactly 2 months before. He’s family always talked about their born again beliefs, and he spoke for abstinence and all as a teen, so I don’t doubt he’s a committed husband and dad, and he grew up around a lot of good people, and new his wife long before they dated, so he’s probably not like your average 23 year old, I’m just happy to see a photo of the little guy!

Shannon on

She didn’t play Elizabeth on the show. Rebecca Herbst did (and still does). Lisa Vultaggio played Hannah Scott. Lucky and Hannah were never romantically linked.

Ally on

“Both Jonathan and Rebecca used to play “Lucky Spencer” and “Elizabeth Webber” on General Hospital and their Characters were romantically involved on the show and had quite a huge Fan Base!!”

I think the line about Jonathan and Rebecca playing Lucky and Elizabeth refers to this post and the other post of Rebecca with her husband and son. They were sent in by the same person, Heather. Sarah split up what Heather said into two different posts, Jonathan with his wife and son, and Rebecca with her husband and son.

Jonathan’s son is a real cutie. I was a GH fan back in the day when he played Lucky. Is he still acting?

heather on

I thought he was so hot on that show! me and my friends would watch them, probably re-runs. But his family is adorable and he looks like somebody older on the inside then the outside.

Laura on

He was in Tuck Everlasting with Sissy Spacek & I think, John Hurt? And a few others, mostly Indy stuff, but usually quite good. I don’t think she’s done much lately, concentrating on homelife. And I see in ImdB she is 32, thought she was younger, but age doesn’t matter anyway, it’s who you are and how compatible that matters. And yeah, like Ally said, two postings, and comparimg similarities in marrying costars (she and her Hubby had very little screen time, he was with Amber Tamblyn’s character, sometimes the 2 couples were together), cute baby boys, etc. She married 6/1/01, had Ethan Hallowe’en that year, he married June 2002,had his little guy a year later, and Rebecca and Michael now have Ella who just turned 1 as well, and are planning a 3rd. Don’t think Jonathan and Lisa even dated till they’d been off the show awhile. Wonder if the little ones will be actors someday?