Denise leaves her prenatal appt today in Encino

05/01/2005 at 10:57 AM ET

I’m pretty sure CelebWeb has the whole set, if you’re interested, but we can only post certain ones. Beware, if you go to that site-you need a popup blocker! 😀 I also included a smiling pic of Denise, since some of you think she always looks mad! Baby is due June 5th!

Preggo Preggo1 Preggo2

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Shelly on

Wow, it actualy looks like she’s gonna have that baby very soon. Sooner than the due date, I say. I think she’s gorgeous.

Laura on

I think it’s a girl, and it’ll be here before the end of May. Looks like it’s getting into position. She looks very happy, but I think alot of her pictures do, and being soooo pregnant; and having a toddler now, she’s probably not sad in other photos, she’s probably just exhausted! I know I can barely muster a smile when I’m over tired, and I don’t have any little ones anymore.

Katelyn on

Lovely! This girl’s got a thing for pink diaper bags/handbags. 🙂 Denise always has a pink bag in tow.

Jane on

My initial feeling was that she would have another girl, but by the way she is carrying in these pictures I have changed by mind! It’s nice to see her happy, she deserves it after everything she has been through in the past couple of months.

cv on

She sure makes a cute and pretty pregnant lady! Wish I could have worn cute little tank tops like that when I was pregnant!

becky on

Even when she looks mad, she is still beautiful!! She and Courtney Cox are my absolute favorite Hollywood mommies!!! 🙂

Michelle Anne on

I am with you Jane I feel Boy also,she looks wonderful though,glad to se eher smiling.

cat24 on

Denise looks like she could go at any time! She always looks amazing. I am so envious!!

When I was pregnant with my twins, near the end of the pregnancy, I was so tired, fat, and bloated, people barely recognized me!

Anne on

She’s gorgeous. The epitome of what a pregnant woman should look like!

not posted on

BEWARE!! your reference to “celebweb” is a porn site.

Ginny on

I think she is having another girl. She looks fabulous!

becky on

YES….the celebweb site is a porn site!! THANK GOODNESS I looked it up from home and not from work!!! 😉

What is the correct website for the one with Denise’s pics?

Emma on

Anyone want to guess what she’s going to name the baby?

My guess is Emma for a girl and Alexander for a boy.

Kelly on

I read in a magazine that she’s having another girl…I don’t know for sure but that’s what the magazine said. It’ll be another female version of Charlie!

a.rose on

Sarah, CBB Editor on

LOL, sorry guys! The word “CelebWeb” is supposed to be a hotlink, but I guess it didn’t go through how I wanted it. Whoops!

jen on

i still cant find them, what album are they under

Sarah, CBB Editor on

I guess they don’t have them yet. They may in a few days. They usually have all the paparazzi pics. Just keep checking, I guess.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Belle on

Good Job, tats wat i mean earlier, post links like tat so it won’t er.. burst this blog! i love preggo Denise as much as Liv! they both have really good pregoo figure.. hm, yoga? pilates?

Heidi on

She does look great! I’m guessing she’ll go for about another 3 weeks.

Kacie on

Denise looks wonderful! I cant wait to see what she has. Good Luck to her!

Keedee on

She’s so completely cute!!! I hope it’s a little boy that looks like her since Sam is 100% Charlie. Really nice pics!

Shell on

She’s such a beauty to begin with… and even more beautiful and glowing when pregnant!

dee on

I read that denise and planning on #3 baby ???I thought her and Charlie were getting a divorce? But i still don’t think Charlie Cheated!!!!!

Risha on

It looks like she is having a GIRL! I am will to bet on it