Brooke and Rowan feed each other

05/01/2005 at 10:10 AM ET

Usweekly050905rowan Thanks Mary!

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Elizabeth on

Rowan is so cute and I love seeing Brooke with her. Looks like she is enjoying being a mom. I hope that she has another baby sometime. Look forward to seeing more pictures of her and Rowan.

B on

Awwww!!!! Does anyone know if Brooke wants more kids?

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Yes, she said in the May issue of Good Housekeeping that they’re going to be begin IVF for #2 soon.

Elizabeth on

What is IVF? Is that for people that have trouble getting pregnant? I hope they do have another baby. I love seeing her and Rowan togeher. They look so happy.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

In vitro fertilization. The woman gets or gives herself shots to up her egg production. Then they harvest the eggs and mix them with the sperm in a petri dish. They see what takes, and they implant the embryos (usually no more than 5) into the uterus and hope that they attached to the uterine wall.

Rowan is an IVF baby, two of the Dixie Chicks have IVF kids, and Julia’s twins are rumored to be. It’s a great procedure to help people conceive.

Liz on

Rowan is a gorgeous child. Wish we could see her face in the pics.

SB on

Which 2 Dixie Chicks used IVF? Brooke and Rowan look cute

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Martie and Emily. Infertility runs in their family I guess.

Elizabeth on

I bet when she has a another baby she wont go through post partum depression. It is great to see her with her daughter and they always seem so relaxed and having such a great time with each other.

aaron on

On in vitro- Actually, most resposible infertility specials/perinatalogists won’t introduce more than 2-3 embryos at a time into the uterus. Obviously, there are some irresponsible ones out there, or we wouldn’t have women popping out so many babies at a time, but a lot of multiple pregnancies with more than 2 or 3 start out with Clomid or another superovulator rather than in vitro.
They also rate the embryos to be deposited on a 1-5 scale. One being the best…
The consensus with most physicians involved with this is that depositing more embryos at a time doesn’t increase your chances of it taking, it just increases your chances of having a super multibirth. For Most women who have in vitro it will either work or not work, and and a good physician will not take the chance on quintuplets vs. twins implanting, given the obvious risks to both mother and children.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

The twins I nanny for were 2 of 4 embryos. But they had a failed IVF before, and the doctor implanted 5!! Insane.

Laura on

She said she wants Rowan to have a sibling, something she missed out on, and hopefully not too far apart, but I guess she had alot of failed attempts and miscarriages before Rowan. She is very aware of PPD and treatments and is hoping to let other women feel it’s okay to say if they are having those feelings and get treatment rather than suffer in silence. I think sometimes it’s not as severe after you have an idea what to expect, though Marie Osmond and her mom had trouble with each pregnancy, which is why Marie adopted 5 of her 8, she wanted a large family but had such hard pregnancies and PPD. And why not adopt as many as you can give good homes to, really? But I can see wanting biological ones, too. Hope Brooke and her hubby have their wish soon.