Do Oprah and Stedman have a daughter?

04/29/2005 at 12:00 PM ET

CBB Reader Terri wrote in to ask us if we knew anything about this.

I was watching Oprah today and before a commercial break, they had a preview of a show that will air on May 9 where Oprah reveals a "deep, dark, family secret" and it showed a clip of her saying, "Stedman and I have a daughter, who has issues…" I really had a double-take with this, because with ALL the celebrity-watching that the media and the American public does, it almost seems phenomenal (especially considering that it’s Oprah) that something like this would go undiscovered.

Is this a child of Stedman’s from a previous relationship (although the child would have to be older, since he and Oprah have been together since 1986) or did they actually have/adopt a girl?? I don’t want to see like a stalker or madwoman, but I know everyone has wanted Oprah to have a child for some time, (even she will admit this!), so to hear that she actually has one I’m sure is quite shocking to many. 🙂

This is news to me too. I am guessing that Stedman has a daughter from his previous relationship or from a concurrent relationship while he was with Oprah (maybe that’s why they’re not married?). Alternately, the daughter could be a foster child or a relative’s daughter that they support. The thing to do is to wait until May 9!

UPDATE: The consensus is that Oprah is talking about her dog Sophie.  The episode is apparently called, "The Dog Whisperer."  That eliminates a human daughter.  Not very nice of Oprah to tease us! 


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crazy on

I know that Oprah often calls her dogs her children, so maybe its her dog.

Magda on

This is really sad so, it can’t be this: Oprah gave birth to a baby boy when she was just 14. The baby died after 2 weeks, from complications of being born 2 months premature. It’s really sad. Maybe secretely, when they first started dating, and it would be accurate because the daughter would be a teenager and teenagers have “issues”. we’ll see! Can’t wait!

Carine Sturgeon on

He is divorced and has a grown daughter, Wendy. Wendy grew up living with her mother, Glenda, in Dallas but spent time with her father and Oprah.

Found this in a interview with him. I also remember reading that Oprah said she didnt need children because she had Wendy.

I got alot of e-mail about the preview of the 9th show on my webpage to. It really confused alot of people.

Carine Sturgeon on

The girl with the black pants behind the lady with the baby blue jacket and skirt his is daughter Wendy.

Carine Sturgeon on

Im going to be annoying lol but I found this very interesting article.

The circumstances surrounding a July 3rd drowning at Hawksnest Beach have landed in the pages of the national weekly tabloid, THE GLOBE. The cover of the Sept. 3 edition of the supermarket tabloid screams out-“Oprah Drowning Tragedy!” The story is devoted to the death of Sherman Galbraith.

His connection to the talk show superstar was his fiancée Wendy Graham, whose father is Oprah Winfrey’s longtime beau.

Galbraith, 26, and Graham, 27, both Chicago residents, were vacationing at Caneel Bay Resort on St. John. Although Galbraithe could not swim, Graham was teaching him to float on his back. She apparently slipped from an underwater ledge sending them both into water over their heads. Graham swam to shallower water to get her footing, but Galbraith sank to the bottom.

Though CPR was performed, and paramedics arrived within 15 minutes, it was too late and Galbraith was pronounced dead an hour after the accident.

An hour later, Graham was on a St. Thomas-bound ferry, then on a plane back to Chicago that evening.

Galbraith’s death has been unusual from the start: St. John police did not learn of the drowning until later that night, after Graham was already out of the territory. And though it occurred on a V.I. National Park beach, park officials didn’t hear of the incident until the next day.

There never has been any indication of foul play or any evidence that the drowning was anything more than an accident. But Police Chief Norville Francis is very perturbed. “We had no chance to ask the young lady any questions.”

The GLOBE article states that Winfrey and Stedman Graham were worried that Wendy would be bogged down in legal matters and held on the island. Investigators later talked to her by phone.

Ally on

I saw this too, and had to replay it on Tivo several times. I think it’s something just to get attention for sweeps. I’m not saying what she said wasn’t true, just that there is another explanation for it. The whole thing was weird.

cv on

Carine…that sounds like that might be the deep dark family secret…how sad. Maybe Oprah is just trying to clear things up before rumors start.

JenniferR on

I seriously doubt she’s talking about an actual child. I think it’s going to turn out to be about one of her dogs.

Ashleigh on


Ashleigh on


kate on

Its her dog

Michelle Anne on

Winfrey alleges she was repeatedly sexually molested by male relatives. Winfrey became a bit of a wild child during her early teens, experimenting with sex and drugs until at age 14 she gave birth to a premature baby. It died shortly after, and upon recovering, Winfrey chose to live with her father in Nashville. It was under his stern guidance, that Winfrey found discipline, stability and the inspiration to excel in school and change her life.

I do think it is his daughter or their dog they are talking about.

Callie on

I saw that, too, and convinced myself that I must’ve misunderstood what she said! Glad to know I’m not the only one who heard “daughter.” I would guess that they’re talking about his daughter or a dog.

This is sort of OT, but I’ve met Stedman before and I think he is such a great guy. 🙂

Jessica Bird on

I saw that promo as well…my immediate guess was that Sophie (the dog) is not potty trained and that’s their big secret. Or maybe she sleeps in Oprah’s bed and Stedman doesn’t…Something Sophie-related.

Sarcastic Journalist on

I bet it is her dog.

julia thorne on

I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a daughter while he was with Oprah. This guy I dated who was a pilot for American Airlines told me that he saw Stedman on one of his planes one time. He said this was about 4 years ago , and Stedman was with some other woman on the plane–and he was all over her! He also said that he acted like a total dog w/ the flight attendants. It will be interesting to see what this secret is…

HE on

Well I thought I was going crazy but I guess I did hear right. I doubt it is about her dog because she would know that by saying “daughter” people would start speculating about Stedman’s daughter. So I don’t think they would use that word “daughter” unless it was really about Wendy. I’m guessing it’s about the drowning. I’ll laugh if I’m wrong and it really is about Sophie.

Crow on

Well this is the start of May sweeps for shows,so it’s probably a bait line.

Emily on

The show is called “The dog whisperer” so I have a strong feeling it is her dog, and the daughter bit is to build suspense.

Wendy on

How do you know the show is called the “dog whisperer”?

Jennifer on

Did anyone ever think she might be talking about one of the “dogs” they have as a daughter. Oprah always calls her dogs her “kids” .I saw the same thing and I think it is a tease for some doggie therapist or something. If Oprah had a daughter step or otherwise we would have known long before this since her every move is stalked and in the news.

sue on

good for her she is the most giving person god be with her and her family

mj on

it’s her dog!

blanche on

anything for sweeps!!!!shame shame

Shirley on

I could not believe my ears when I heard the preview about she and Stedman having a daughter. For a minute, I thought I misunderstood what she said but I saw the preview again today. I think she is referring to Wendy.

MM on

It’s her dog. He’s got the sweeps.