Fit Pregnancy Editor slams Kevin for smoking around pregnant Britney

04/23/2005 at 10:35 AM ET

Britney__kevinpropertybild Peg Moline, the editor in chief of Fit Pregnancy, has slammed Kevin Federline for smoking around his pregnant wife Britney Spears. She says, "If Kevin wants to smoke, he should do it outside…secondhand smoke effects baby’s lung development, and can lead to childhood asthma" (nevermind the fact that its dangerous for everyone anyway!)

Kevin has been photographed numerous times in the last few weeks smoking in the car with Britney next to him, or alongside her while they hang out on their balcony.

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Erin Walker on

Here’s a quote that Jane Fonda told AP radio about Britney

“What would matter is,has she given birth to herself yet
to where she can raise a child.I was 31 when I had my
first child and I had’nt given birth to myself.”

NiKoLe on

Britney is very immature, as is kevin. I am very sorry for their baby, who I’m sure will suffer greatly.

Michelle Anne on

He should know better,but heck as far as I know britney’s legs are not broken right and she isn’t a mute? she should speak up!!
Common Brit!
I hope he goes outside,and all is ok with mom and baby,in long run

Jen on

I agree with you Michelle Anne. If Britney cared enough, she’d tell him to get his bum outside with that crap, or make him stop. I know my friend did that with her husband while she was pregnant. In fact, he STILL isn’t allowed to smoke inside and the baby is almost two now.

lorraine on

What do you expect from white trash?

katie on

she should stand up for her baby and say no to her husband and anyone else who is smoking near her. my in laws smoke and I refused to come over unless they didn’t smoke around me and I made them quite smoking in the house before the baby came and they love my baby so much they did it!If he cares he should stop, but I think she likes the second hand smoke since she can’t smoke herself anymore, to bad.

sy on

My mom is a chain smoker. When she came to help with my daughter’s birth, before and after the birth, she smoked on the balcony during winter months in the Midwest! If you care enough, you can get anyone to stop smoking around you and your baby. Obviously Kevin is an idiot and Brit is not mature enough to say no or else.

Anne on

Damn, he is a loser. And come to your own conclusion of someone who hooks up with him.

That poor baby.

I hope she doesn’t take this same careless and selfish attitude with other important health issues regarding her child.

Erin Walker on

I was wachting “The Soup”on E! and host Joe McHale joked about Britney the week she annouced her pregnancy and he
said “We got the first ultrasound-It’s Triplets!” and pictured was
Jeft Foxworthy,Bill “Here’s Your Sign”Engall,and Larry the Cable Guy.A little mean,but LOL!