Danielle 's pregnancy: 4th month update

04/23/2005 at 10:37 AM ET

On Wednesday, I officially entered my fourth month as I hit week 16 of my pregnancy.  I am feeling SO much better.  The queasiness and nausea has totally disappeared (though about a week before, I threw up 4 times completely out of the blue- no nausea).  I think I got that energy burst that everyone talks about.  Except I’m not so sure how much extra energy it is- just that it’s a vast improvement over how I was feeling before which was dog-tired every single day, even when I woke up from a four hour nap.

BellyAnother big milestone has been that I am really starting to show.  To people on the street, I probably look like I have a spare tire around my waist, but to people who know me, I am getting a little baby belly.  It’s definitely not what you would think of as a bumpBumps are those nice little round tummies that celebs and skinny chicks get.  Mine is more of a bulge.  A hard bulge, but a bulge nonetheless.  My husband bugs out when we hug and he can feel this hard bulge but I reminded him that it’s only going to get bigger and at some point in the near future, my belly will be so big that hugging will be like when you first slowdanced with your 12 year old boyfriend at the school dance (you know, arms distance away). 

My next doctor’s visit is next Friday but it’s not going to be the exciting kind with souvenirs like the last one.  This one will just have some blood drawing (woo hoo) and your usual peeing in the cup. 


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tink1217 on

You look adorable, Danielle!! Have fun with being pregnant now! Wear cute maternity clothes and get ready to shop til you drop for your new little one!!!

Sarcastic Journalist on

Aww, congrats! I totally remember how you are feeling except I wasn’t as lucky with the nausea!

Flaunt that buldgy belly!

Rachael on

Well, gently remind your husband that his “bulge” is how you got in this situation… 😉 Also remind him that he’ll be the one helping you tie your shoes in the coming months and all those fun things that happen once you can no longer see your feet!

You look very cute, I wish I would’ve taken pics like this when I was pregnant, I waited until much later when it wasn’t so pretty! Enjoy!

Nicole on

Aww so sweet! Keep us update I love to read your updates and see your growing belly… Are you going to find out what your having? I hope so October seems so far away for all of us to wait LOL

B on

awww i’m glad everything is going good for you! i agree with tink.. wear the cute maternity clothing! thanks for keeping us updated!

kiki on

congrats danielle you look totally adorable. thanks for the updates enjoy being pregnant,rest now youll need all your energy after the birth and make sure your husband takes good care of you.

Michelle ANne on

Congrates!! you Look great!

tan on

Danielle I know you must be glowing,lol.Thats the great part of pregnancy to me your belly is just getting bigger and bigger.You also get to go shopping for new clothes.I know you are glad to be over the sickness.I hate how some women get away with not having it completely.I feel so sorry for a friend right now.She’s been going to a fertility DR. and her & the hubby are finally pregnant but now she’s dealing with the sickness she says she can’t keep anything down and the other night she had to go to the emergency room cause she threw up so much and they said that she tore something the lining of her esphorgus or however you spell that word.Anyway happy to know your over one bad milestone.


Ally on

That’s a cute baby belly! I’m glad you’re over the nausea hurdle and on to bigger(!) and better things in your pregnancy. Even though I don’t believe in telling the sex from how the baby belly looks, I still think it’s a girl!

Air on

Congrats again on the baby! You look like you are having a healthy pregnancy! Best wishes to you and your husband on your upcoming new addition! I think it’s a boy!

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Nicole, Danielle’s away this weekend, so I hope she doesn’t mind me answering…but she will be finding out. If she’s sharing with the blog, I don’t know, but she and Josh will know. 🙂

MollieBee on

Happy 4 months! You look mahvalous, dahlink.

Loralie on

Congratulations and best wishes for a healthy baby (and healthy mom too)! 🙂

LC on

My abdomen expands to look just like that after 4 lg Diet Cokes. It’s bizarre. I always wondered how many months along I looked when that happens. Now, I know… it’s 4.
BTW, congrats on your Diet-Coke-free, baby-filled belly.

katie on

congrats to you!I just gave birth to my second 4 weeks ago and I remember my belly at 4 months too! I was so sick I actually lost weight but my stomach still kept getting bigger and harder despite the weight loss, lol! well good luck and I am excited to see your belly grow even more!

Denise on

Oh! Yay! I love baby belly! I have my first one too (I’m just 2 weeks ahead of you) and am loving the fact that I can smell stuff without wanting to throw up. Sorry your m/s has lasted so long though.
Will you be finding out the gender? You should setup a gender poll! I have one going, its great to see what everyone thinks…. anyway Congratulations on baby!
ooooo and I love the apts., don’t forget you get to hear the heartbeat too!

Shalini on

Congrats, and you look GREAT! Nice tummy shot 🙂

robyn on

Congrats and what a cute belly!

I’m over here in month 7 of pregnancy doing the ’12-year old hug’ which you so accurately describe. Enjoy seeing your feet while you can! Every second is worth it though…just keep taking those 4-hour naps. Having a 14-month old, I can tell you that you won’t know that much sleep again for a long, long time. 🙂

sy on

You have just entered the best part of pregnancy, the second trimester! No nausea, not so tired anymore and the belly is not big enough to get in the way. And in a month or so you will feel the little one moving inside you and tapping you with little elbows, feet and hands and that’s the best feeling in the world! Enjoy and congrats.

Meaghan on

You have such a cute belly! I’m glad you finally got over the hump of feeling like blah those first first couple months. That’s how I felt with Maeve. Then when I started telling people and started showing I was on top of the world. Good Luck and God Bless!

Jennie on

Danielle – I remember that stage. My clothes were getting tight but I wasn’t ready for maternity clothes yet, but I still went out and bought them!! I couldn’t wait to get into my maternity clothes and show the world that I was pregnant. Pregnancy is such an amazing thing. Best of luck to you. I’m going to put in my two cents and say that I think you are having a girl too! Please keep us posted on the pregnancy progress.

Laura-Ann on

Congrats Danielle! Keep us posted.

Misty on

What a coincidence, I just hit 16 wks on Friday! This is my 2nd child. Due date is Oct. 7th. Glad you’re starting to feel better! Cute belly! Mine is not cute yet, just thick!

I just recently started reading this blog & it’s a lot of fun. Hope the energy keeps up for you!!!

LisaB on

Congratulations… as much as I love all of the celebrity baby gossip, hearing about someone “real” and their pregnancy woes is even more exciting. Congrats to you… and I can’t wait until it’s my turn. 🙂