Christian Bale baby mystery

04/06/2005 at 04:57 PM ET

Aaa People are emailing us to tell us that Christian Bale’s daughter was just born over the weekend, according to IMDB. However, we posted on March 12th that the baby had already been born, since the Sunday Herald ran this article weeks ago saying that Christian enjoys a quiet life in California with his wife and newborn daughter.

Update: People and E! reported that the baby was born this past Sunday, April 3rd. His rep Jennifer Allen has confirmed that this is NOT true,  stating that the baby was not born on Sunday at a Santa Monica hospital, as had been reported, she would not or could not provide the actual birth day, stating that the parents wanted to keep that private.

Dad and mom are also mum on the baby’s name, but, per Allen, it’s not true that the couple, married five years, had tried to keep the pregnancy a secret, as stated in published reports. I still think we were right originally.


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April on

Is it possible that the article was written a while ago and was supposed to come out later than now and so they put that in their about the newborn daughter anticipating that she would already be born by the time the article came out?

Sea on

It’s possible, but unlikely I think. If just because I can’t see him sharing the baby’s gender with some random writer without having ever announcing the pregnancy in the first place. Also, the article could have come out early, but it wouldn’t have been by that much. It was promoting The Machinist, which opened a couple of weeks ago in the UK.

To add to the mystery, while the IMDB and other sites have the date of birth as 3/27, Zap2it reported on *3/26* that she had the baby on 3/24. Both are citing sources, so that’s just… odd.

anon on

I’m thinking Christian and his wife already knew it was a girl, and they gave the impression the baby was already born, so as to throw off the press. Christian strikes me as a fairly private guy, and what with the new Batman movie coming out soon with the attendant storm of publicity, he probably wanted to keep his daughter’s birth as quiet as possible.

Demi Moore did something similar with the birth of her second child (the one she was pregnant with on the infamous Vanity Fair cover). She claimed the baby was due two months before it actually was.

Nikki on

I don’t get what all the secrets are about. So, the baby is here now, regardless of when she was born…so, why still keep the birthdate a secret?? I understand celebrities shielding their kids faces from pictures, and trying to protect them in that way…but, why keep her birth info a secret. It’s just really strange!!

*Tamara* on

I just read in an english magazine”congratulations to christian bale and his wife sibi who delivered a healthy baby girl at the weekend. Both mother and daughter are doing well and both parents are looking forward to settling in2 family life.

Sea on

Nikki, I don’t think it’s strange at all, they probably figure, “why bother?”. They’ve most likely said all they intend to say, that yes the baby was born and everyone is doing well, end of story. From their POV, there may not be more needed to be said at this time. The press will speculate (and continue to get it wrong, as it turns out) and I get the impression that’s ok with them. CB doesn’t really seem the type to care about the press.

As for the articles that continue to change the date, reads to me like just different variations on the original Sunday article, just messing up the dates (way to check those facts, news guys).