Carnie plans due date for baby Lola

03/18/2005 at 05:23 PM ET

Carnie Wilson and husband Rob Bonfiglio has booked Carnie’s c-section for May 5.  Unless Carnie goes into labor earlier, baby Lola Bonfiglio will have the birth date 05-05-05.

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katie on

that would be so cool! i hope it works out. my brother would love it, 5 is his favorite number.

Tan on

This is neat.May kids are so neat.I am a May baby as well.

Anna on

COOL!! My friend’s daughters’s birthdays are cool also! 5-6 and 6-5.

Kate on

This may be a stupid question. But why does she already have a c-section scheduled?

v on

Honestly I don’t think that she will make it to May judging by the size of her now

Lyssa on

She’s “too posh to push”

Nicole on

She may not be too posh, because of her gastric bypass she may need to have one. They do schedule them, both of my aunt’s were schduled, the babies were breech.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

I hope it’s because of her bypass and not what Lyssa suggested. BTW, my mother’s birthdate is 5-5-55. 🙂

Erica on

Carnie Wilson has most definitely come a long way and I’m happy for her and her husband, but I’m still a bit disappointed that she decided on such an obviously trendy name. Her daughter is going to be dubbed Lola B from her first day of preschool, one of about five other little girls with the same first name b/c their parents couldn’t be a little more original.

Sarcastic Journalist on

Wow, Erica. Way to criticize! You’re “disappointed?” I like the name Lola and if she likes it, even better! Whatever makes her happy.

stacey on

what a great birhday. just like sarah fergusons (fergie) her daughter was born on 8-8-88. she is probaly having the c section because of her gastric bypass pushing a baby out can do alot of damage to her stomach muscles and its not unusual to have it planned well in advance.i had a planned c section when i was 7 months along due to breach but he decided to turn the day before the procedure which they said is unheard of. congrats and all the best to her.

Erica on

Obviously I’m not the one pushing the kid out, so of course Carnie should name the baby what she pleases. Likewise, I did not push Shannyn Sossamyn’s kid out and she named her baby Audio Science, so I suppose people should cease to comment on *that* name too, hmm? So seriously, maybe I’m disappointed b/c I thought Carnie was a little more creative than to name her baby something that is so annoyingly trendy. I mean, you cannot tell me that she would’ve come up with that had a dozen other recent celebrities named their kids that too. (and for the record, I felt the same way when Kelly Ripa named her little girl Lola, and I love Kelly.)

Anonymous on

Stacey – WHAT? If you were 7 months along, it is not at all unheard of for the baby to turn. They still flip around alot at the beginning of your third trimester. They may not have a ton of room but they can flip while you’re in labor. The doctor should try a version before just scheduling a c/s. There are tons of things you can do to turn a breech baby. Your ob scares me if he/she told you that!

Sarcastic Journalist on

I think the emma trend is a lot more trendy than Lola. Once I hear 50 kids at the grocery store with that name, I’ll reconsider my stance.

As for “Audio Science” or whatever it was, at least lola won’t get made fun of.

Jean on

It is always possible that Carnie has liked the name Lola for years and years and it just happens to be trendy now when she finally gets an opportunity to use it.

Lauren on

I highly doubt that having the bypass surgery would cause Carnie to HAVE to have a c/s. The bypass didn’t include an incision into her uterus. Scheduled c/s seem to be the “trend” of a lot of celebrities anymore. If she really NEEDED a c/s, that decision would be made closer to the due date and would not actually be a must until she tried to labor and birth naturally. I don’t understand it…..I sure as hell did everything I could to AVOID having a c/s with my second child. The c/s was HORRIBLE and was so glad I gave birth the NATURAL way with my son!

Kay on

I honestly don’t think the “Lola trend” has gone any farther than Hollywood. I have never heard of a non-Hollywood baby named Lola. Personally I like the name, and hate that Hollywood could possibly make it the next “Emma”. I don’t know if that will actually happen though, since most “normal” (aka, non-Hollywood) people’s reaction to Lola seems to be “the transvestite song? the kinks?” – needless to say, negative.

E on

Gastric bypass doesn’t force one to have a c-section. I’ve had the surgery – so I know. Maybe she’s having her tummy tuck fixed while she’s in the OR? lol

S. on

What a stupid reason to schedule a c-section. True, it would be a cool dob, but major surgery for THAT?

Danielle, CBB Editor on

Regarding the popularity of Lola…

According to, in 2003 (the most recent year it covers), Lola ranked 623rd most popular and was used by approximately 105 per million parents. By contrast, my name was 84th and used by just over 1,000 per million parents. Emma REALLY is a popular name- in 2003, it ranked NUMBER 2 and used by 7,000 per million parents.

So that goes to show you that Lola isn’t as popular you might think it is. I agree with Kay who said that it’s just a popular Hollwood name.

stacey on

this is to anonymous.. there were other factors as to why i had a planned c section and trying to turn the baby manually was not an option for me or for my dr due to heart problems and the reason why they were surprised that he turned was i had almost no amniotic fluid which acts as a cushion and makes it a little easier for the baby to move around so that is why my c section was planned when i was 7 months along. alot of other medical facts that i didnt get into in my first post.

Jacks on

Ugh, all I can say is I hope that there is a medical reason for the c-section (ala Heather Mills) because I find it disgusting how Hollywood & (now) us mere mortals take the proceedure so lightly. Personally, I know at least 2 women that insisted that they wanted them and got them in the last couple of years and I’m horrified to say that more and more doctors are quite willing to suggest them. I’m of the theory, if I desperately need one I will have one, but who would want to do that? BTW, having the dates planned totally takes away from the b-day & I’ve always found Fergie’s 8-8-88 thing annoying.
As for Stacey, in regards to Anonymous’ post – she was basing it on your post and simply commented on how common it is for a baby to flip past 7 months and I have to agree w/ her that I’d be worried about a doctor who hadn’t made that clear. Regardless, of whatever of medical issues there were (& I hope everything went well) & even if you can’t turn that baby manually, 7 months is still to early to tell if the baby will turn or not (but not necessarily whether or not, you have to have a c-section because of a pre-existing medical condition).

Cathleen on

God bless you Jacks – I agree with everything you said. I am still amazed at how over medicated we are, pregnancy is a natural female body funtion, not a disease. Lying prone and “being delivered” came into vogue in the late 1900s in England when elite upper class females (including the queen) found it low class to squat to give birth (which opens the pelvis as much as 2 inches wider and prevents tearing.)We lay down to give doctors access and then let them cut places that don’t need cutting! Doctors tell us we should schedule inductions and c/s so they can better staff a hospital and don’t have to work weekends. Only if a women’s health is at risk (real risk) should labor be induced or a c/s performed.
Sorry, I get real excited about this topic.
I had a midwife for my first birth (7 hours labor,1/2 hour pushing, and she never left my side)

Kat on

I read somewhere that 40% of female obgyn’s would choose to have a c-section over a vaginal birth. I thought that was interesting. I had to have an emergency c-section with my son because of several factors and at first I was horrified of the procedure. In the end i’m very glad I had it and would do again if I were to have another.

Erica on

Hey Danielle, I’m well aware that Lola is not a popular name outside Hollywood…I thought it was clear I was speaking in terms of what *celebrities* are naming their kids. But those are interesting stats anyway.

I agree with everyone who hopes Carnie scheduled her c/s for a reason

Alyson on

I personaly don’t like the name lola, but it’s not my kid so Carnie do whatever you want. Now having the c-section planed on 5-5-05, well I don’t see the point. It’s just a date, but maybe she picked that date for some other reason besides the numbers 5-5-05. I just hope everything goes as planed and little lola is a healthy girl.

Shelly on

well my baby has an intersting birthday
2-3-04 which I think is pretty cool, the only thing is she wasn’t supposed to be born on that day-she was 5 weeks early. As for Carnie doing the 5-5-05 birthday I think that’s cool and I wish her all the luck.

Molly on

I think everyone is thinking a little to hard. Did anyone stop to think that Carnie may be having a c-section for an actual medical reason? Plus….SHE probably didn’t pick the date…the doctor probably did. At least that is the way it happened with me. Look outside the box….

Tracey on

I had the gastric bypass and am currently pregnant. I asked my doctor and there is no reason medically to have a c-section, unless something goes wrong trying to go natural. As for the due date, Im due 5-8-05 and its crossed my mind many times to hope it happens 5-5-05 b/c it is a cool date! Sounds like Carnie picked that date and in picking that date, she would need a c-section, unless she goes early of course! 🙂

Ally on

She had a tummy tuck after losing all the weight. Because they restitch your abdominal muscles, it may be better for her to have a c-section or there may have been other medical complications. It’s not the smartest thing to have a tummy tuck before having kids, but I guess she can always have another one when she is done.

Anonymous on

Being this far out, I’m sure she picked the date, not her OB/GYN. I was due end of January 2004 and hoped for a 2-2-04 or 2-4-04 birthdate for my son but I wasn’t going to do anything to make that happen and I’m just as happy with his 1-19 birthday because he was born healthy, unmedicated, at home in the same bed he was conceived in. She’s probably just being like most American women: I don’t want pain, I don’t want to be out of control, I want everything to be medicated and by the book and that’s a c/section. It’s dangerous and unhealthy for the baby and it is irresponsible. Women who plan their c/sections with no medical indication are not ready for the challenge and responsibility of being a parent.

jessica on

I agree with the above comment. Giving birth should be just that, giving it. (not having it) Unless of course medical reasons don’t allow it.

danielle on

I think Lola is a beautiful name…. and so what if it is a hollywood trend, … look around when you go to a school yard or toy store, everything little girl is named Madison, Emma, Emily, Sarah and to me those names are awful, Madison is not even a name its a street in Manhatten, so please give her a break… at least you can only name 2 or 3 other celebrities with that name for there daughter… and yes LOLA is my daughters name, and I love it…….

Sarah on

Danielle mentions names she doesn’t like, mine included. I love my name. If you look at history, Sarah, has been popular for hundreds of years, not just recently. If you want to talk about names that were overused, talk to all the Jennifers and Lisas who were born when I was (in the 70’s). Unlike Danielle though, I’m not going to say I don’t like those names. Keep in mind, not everyone likes Danielle either. To each his own, let people decide for themselves. It is a free country (unless that choice is being taken from us now too).

danielle on

Sarah mentions it is a free country and choice is one of the few things that havent been taken away from us (what does that mean) anyway… so that is what I was doing as everyone else was doing when they were commenting about the popularity and some of their dislike of the name Lola..