Ashton wants to know why he's last to know

03/14/2005 at 08:19 PM ET

1_48 No baby yet!

"Why am I the last person to find out everything?" Ashton said at a small press conference Sunday afternoon. "If Demi is pregnant she’s certainly not showing yet," Kutcher says, as he feigned concern and pretended to pull out his cell phone and make a call. "So that would be news to me."


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Sienna on

I’ve always thought Ashton Kutcher had a nasty attitude and has always been a jerk with the press. He could have said “Demi and I are not expecting a baby at this time.” or something along those lines. Between this and his recent quote about comparing marriage to an inexperienced power plant manager with some swear words thrown in, he will lose some fans. Keep it up Ashton, keep it up…

crazy on

You know, no offense to Demi but Ashton is such a baby. I really do think that he likes or maybe needs an older ‘mommy’ type woman to keep him in line. When I first heard they were going out I thought Demi is just going through a boy-toy phase. But now I see Ashton and I think no wonder he has lasted this long with her, he likes to have an older woman in control. I mean come on Demi looks like she does not put up with any of his sh*t, and he must love that.

Alyson on

I think Ashton just acts that way in public, but at home he probably is a normal guy. As far as Demi and Ashton dating, I think it is a great thing! Why can’t a woman go out with a younger man? No one seems to have a problem with Paul McCartney and his young wife! I say ‘way to go Demi’! She’s beautiful, independent and deserves to date who she wants!

Marisa on

Eh- I think it’s just Demi and Ashton that people have issues with- not really their age. At least for me. I think Demi is sush a faded star but she has desperately been trying to hold onto the limelight for the last 20 years. Who is she now? She’s the lady that was on a mag cover strategically preggers & nude and the chick in Ghost, GI Jane and Striptease wearing a fashionable red string bracelet. She had a good body in Charlies Angels and then she hooked up with an up and coming celeb. No great shakes. Those that remember the hotness of the Brat Pack are so over her and no one else even cares. Rob Lowe? Molly Ringwald? Judd Nelson? Ally Sheedy? Emilio Estevez? Mostly all have their ego’s for paps in check.
Oh- and Ashton- the perpetual frat boy who plays daddy and drives around Beverly Hills in a converted semi-tractor trailer cab with his red string bracelet is pathetic- IMO of course.

They both have like no acting credibility and no real star-OMG-power to speak of. Nicole Ritchie or Jessica Simpson would get a table at the Ivy before they do. They are posers – pretty much

The age thing….God Bless, it’s equality at it’s best. I think more women need boy toys. Think of how much fun we could have! 😉

Lola on

the negative comments about ashton and demi are really very strange. why be so judgemental and critical of people who’re just living their lives and not hurting anyone? i will never understand that mind set.

as for demi moore being a has been – please! she’s hollywood maverick. if people checked their facts and looked at how many doors demi’s opened for women in hollywood, as an actor and producer, they would see what a brave and brilliant self-made woman she is. no wonder ashton kutcher is crazy about her. no wonder bruce willis shows her such respect and affection. she’s extremely accomplished and admirable.

Cathleen on

It’s just as exceptable for Demi to date someong younger as it is for a man. Jack Nicholson could have been Laura Flynn Boyle’s grandpa and nobody cares. I’m glad Demi has broken this double standard.

becca on

Like previous posters said, I think some people have issue with Demi and Ashton personally; *not* the age difference… the way some people just don’t like Britney and Kevin together, but have no opinion on singers marrying their backup dancers.

crazy on

I think that’s probably true on my case.

angela on

I think their relationship is funny. Demi has her own little puppet. I have no problem with age in relationships, but I think he is gonna wake up one day and think man I sure did change all my ways of thinking for some chick. Everything you hear about them doing is whatever she was doing before he came along. Whatever floats their boats I guess. Personally I don’t think he is cute at all.

Holly on

While I think Ashton-bashing isn’t really helpful, I do agree that he seems extremely immature, and certainly not ready to have a child. When my daughter was born I had a lot of growing up to do (I was 21 when she arrived) and I don’t know whether Ashton is quite ready to be a parent. He has a ready made family with Demi and Bruce’s kids, but handling a newborn is something altogether different….

Marilyn on

Star magazine is reporting that she is pregnant (3/16/05) but who knows if it is true or not.

- on

Well, I think the rumor is true. We will see.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

They’ve both publicly denied it for now, anyways. Demi also released a statement through her publicist. But we’ll see.