Wendy Bellissimo expecting #4

03/13/2005 at 06:30 PM ET

Img_about_wendy_1Wendy Bellissimo, celebrity nursery designer, is with child again.  She has three daughters with her husband: Gracie, born November 18, 1999, Cecilia, born January 1, 2002, and Willow, born March 26, 2003.  You can read all about her birth stories on her site.

She has recently transitioned from private label design to a partnership with Babies ‘R’ Us.  Supposedly, the new line does not even compare to the quality of her private label.  The question is- will she decorate the new baby’s room with the Babies ‘R’ Us stuff?

The ePregnancy cover is from her third pregnancy with daughter Willow in 2003.  The second photo is of her and Brooke Shields IN A CRIB in a photo from People magazine, June 2003.  Nuff said.

200305_epregnancy20030609_peopleSource: WendyBellissimo.com

Thanks to Stephanie.

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Kay on

I heard about her pregnancy a while ago, I should’ve updated you! Anyone know exactly when she’s due? Judging from how long ago I first heard, I would think quite soon.

Anonymous on

Well, according to her pattern, she should be due in May/June (look at the spacing between her first three kids!)

Sarah, CBB Editor on

If you guys look at the scan of James Denton’s kids room on the photo page, Wendy is there. When they showed the spot on Entertainment Tonight, it said that she was 9 months pregnant, so she should be due in March.

Kay on

Thanks Sarah!

Becky on

You’re right, her new line of bedding sold at Babies R Us doesn’t even come CLOSE to her previous line. I bought a crib bedding set for my daughter from her old line and I saw the same one at Babies R Us recently and it looks HORRIBLE compared to the previous ones. I’m really thankful that I was able to buy one of her previous crib bedding sets before she changed her company, but I CERTAINLY won’t be buying any of her Babies R Us sets for future babies!! I’m really disappointed that she chose to do this…but oh well.

Rachael on

My first time here, I had to check out her site. I must say after reading about her births and all the stress and trauma she seems to have with each birth, why would you think of having yet another? My son will stillborn in 1997, thankfully we were blessed with another son in 1998, but his birth was very scary also. We decided then and there that we were blessed with two healthy children and it was time to be thankful. I wish her well and hope this birth is much easier than the others.

Patty on

The Babies R Us bedding is not really made by Wendy Bellissimo. It’s made by Kidsline Inc, and based on patterns that Wendy used to sell. She did work with Kidsline on a few things, but mainly they are just using her name so don’t be fooled into buying it. It’s cheaply made and really ugly.

Paige on

The birth stories on her site are a bit odd…in describing the birth of her second she says that she had no pain relief with the first, but in the story of her first she says that she had an epidural. With the third, she says that she had no pain relief with either, but she also had an epidural and narcotics with the second. Am I reading these wrong?

Elea on

I agree Paige, it is very confusing! Perhaps she is refering to the fact that the epidural was switched off with her first and that with her second (despite the drugs) she was still in a lot of pain but refused a c-section…..just a guess!

katie on

i was confused, too. but i think she meant that during the actual pushing the drugs had worn off, making it a “natural” delivery. she only had drugs during the contractions, it seems like.

Alisha on

On her site it says that she has four daughters. (In the about section) Does that mean she is pregnant with a girl right now? Anyone know?

v on

that must have meant that she had the 4th child because before it said that she had 3 girls pregnant with fourth child i cant wait to see what she named her 🙂

Kaitlin on

does anyone know what she named her new daughter?

Emmy on

Her name is Madeline, and she was born March 17th.

Leigh on

The 4th daughter was actually named Marlie Sage!