It appears that Heidi Klum is pregnant!

03/12/2005 at 11:02 AM ET

It appears that Heidi is pregnant! 

Thanks to Stephanie H, RKD, Wendy, Iesha, Alex, Kris, Steffi, Tena, Babs from Switzerland, Cruz, Leesa, Marisa, Sarah.

More info: E! Online,,, Conversations about Famous People

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Sara on

Star magazine is reporting that Heidi is pregnant too! I am always reluctant to believe Star magazine but your picture and the magazine certainly make it look like she’s expecting. Congrats to the both of them and beautiful big sister Leni!

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Ha, I just posted the same pics. She’s supposedly announcing it on a German TV show this week.

Marrit on

That’s great! A little brother or sister for Leni.

Canita on

I saw those pics on a different board and wasn’t sure if they were enhanced or something. Guess it may be real since it’s on CBB! Very cool for Heidi, Seal, and Leni!

Ashley on

That’s so exciting! I’m so happy for them!!!!


- on

Yay! I knew it. I am so happy for them!

Maggie on

first heidi, then gwyneth?

Dani on

Another baby will just make up for an even more beautiful family. And Leni will b ethe cutest big sister.

crazy on

Heidi and Seal will make a beautiful baby together. I hope they have girl because Seal seems so protective and caring with Leni.

tink1217 on

Congrats to them!!! I love to see such a loving couple start a family and with Leni too the family is going to be just beautiful!

Cathleen on

With her lean body, the bump is harder to hide. Their child will be breathtaking! congratulations to them.

deleted on

This comment was deleted.

Caitlin on

My god…and you wonder why they stop allowing comments here?

I happen to find Seal one of the sexiest men around; not only do I think he’s sexy on the outside (tall, dark, toned), it’s what’s inside of him that really makes him stand out from other guys. Stepping up to the plate and falling in love with a little girl that wasn’t his biologically, and raising her as his own. Not many guys do that nowadays, which is sad. It’s obvious how much he loves that little girl, and now how much she loves him!

Kaitlin on

I was just wondering how you pronounced Leni?

Caitlin on

It’s Lay-nee. 🙂

coltcasmom on

I agree with Lisa, he loves that little girl like his own, there is absolutely nothing more attractive. I wish them all much happiness!

coltcasmom on

sorry Caitlin

Erica on

Whoa, I think Seal is one of the most beautiful men around. Considering the fact that he could’ve had his scars removed years ago but opted not to, that shows an incredible amount of character and confidence. And he’s got amazing bone structure and skin. Well, I think their baby will be gorgeous.

Laur on

I am DYING to know how far along she is. I bet she’s in her 2nd trimester already.

Katie on

I would say she’s either due in August or September…maybe even late July sometime!

Jennifer on

I don’t know. She got really big with Leni….

carol on

wow, did anyone read the comments on seal and heidi shopping at target on babychic 101? as a target shopper myself, i was a little offended!

mel on

oh yeah! seal is one of the sexiest men ever! they are going to make a cute baby!

tink1217 on

i read the Target comments and I thought it was tasteless too. Who cares if they shop at Target! Is she supposed to buy her baby wipes at some store that charges $15 a pack just because she has the $$ to do it?? I find it refereshing they shop at Target!

Sarah, CBB Editor on

I was a little put off too, since I love Target, but Patty’s site is for upscale baby items, and Target isn’t known for that, so I can see why she wouldn’t like them shopping there. Plus she doesn’t seem to love Heidi lol.

Lee on

I think their babies will be beautiful too, whenever they have them. Seal is an incredibly sexy, handsome, sensitive man, and Heidi is one lucky woman! If you listen to his music you would know that he has a beautiful soul too. Why wouldn’t Heidi love him to pieces and want to have children with him? Just look at how Leni adores him – I love the way she looks so comfortable in his arms. She’s a lucky baby, too.

Claudia on

That’s great news! By the way, Leni is short for Helene which was Heidi’s late grandmother’s name. I think it’s sweet she named her daughter after her!

Erin Walker on

Well I’m happy for them and Ms.Klum wanted another baby and while I’d wait ’till kids are,like, 3-4 years apart,but my grandma-my dad’s mom-had 10 children and there are no more than 2 years apart.

Peg on

Inquiring minds want to know…what would have been in the deleted message?

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Someone felt the need to rip Seal apart. We don’t allow crap like that here.

Sarah on

I hope she will announce her pregnancy on that tv show, I’d be so lucky if these rumours are true (and it looks that way!)! This couple is so lovely, and Leni is really beautiful!
I was really annoyed by these comment on babychick. Liking upscale baby items or not, this was very rude! She can shop wherever she wants to! And celeb moms who think only the most expensive things are good enough for their oh so extraordinary babies are for sure not neccessarily better moms. And expensive things aren’t always better or safer. This would mean every normal mother in the world uses inferior things for her child!
“This ho Heidi” and “throwing up”, I nearly couldn’t believe it…

Judy on

I think it is wonderful that Seal and Heidi are having a baby. Seal is the one who has been there for Heidi and Leni. He had taken on the role of Daddy to Leni. I wish them much happiness!

The website that made the comments on Target is a site for upscale baby items. They are not saying someone is inferior for buying items at Target they are promoting their own site.

Sarah on

A little exaggerated and too rude I think. Nice way to promote…
BTW I did not say that they used the word inferior, it’s just the impression one could get.
But that’s off topic now, so I stop.

Yonni on

Awww…how cute..her tummy is so little..they are going to have a gorgeous baby! I wish her the best, and a healthy pregnancy..

lilianic on

Yay. I really like Seal and Heidi Klum together, and I do remember reading about how Heidi really wanted to have a child with Seal. It’s always refreshing to hear good news about celebs, you know?

C on

It was announced on Access Hollywood, so its true.

Congrats to Heidi, Seal & Leni!!!!

minkin on

YAY!!! Seal and Heidi are beautiful and so is LEni, Congrats to them, they will have a pretty pretty baby!!

Kaitlin on

I was just wondering if anyone knows how SEal got his scars?

April on

Kaitlin, my husband had asked the same thing. I found this on a Seal website. He has a particular strain of lupus called Discoid or Cutaneous Lupus. It causes blistering especially around the facial area, which when ruptured cause deep scarring. When questioned about his scars, however, Seal has often eluded to mystical or spiritual causes. Poor thing. He’s overcome a lot. I think it’s awesome that Heidi can look past his physical assests, and look into his beautiful soul. That’s awesome to me.

Sarah on

I feel sad that Seal had to go through that, too. I’m happy that he seems to have adjusted to the scars and appears to be a self confident human being.
Maybe Heidi can heal what’s left of the scars in a way…

One question remains: Can this disease be inherited? I hope their children will not have to suffer from this.

April on

Sarah, this is from

Is it hereditary?
We suspect (but do not have scientific proof) that people inherit something from their parents that predisposes them to develop lupus. They are not necessarily pre-destined to develop lupus, but they may be more susceptible. At the present time, there are no genetic tests to determine who is susceptible and who is not.

Elea on

Wow! Seal is so amazing! He has been there even before Leni’s birth!
I think that unfortunate as it would be, if their child does inherit this disease he/she will still be a wonderful and beutiful person because he/she will have been raised by wonderful and beautiful parents.

Sarah on

Thanks April!

I really hope their children will be unaffected! But Elea is right, if not, their parents will support them.

Lovely family!

Natesmom on

I was curious to see the status of Heidi and Seal’s relationship only to find out that they are not only married but having a baby!!! I have always been a fan of Seal for his music and integrity. He really proved he was a good guy when he was there for Heidi when she was pregnant with Leni. He loves Leni as his own and I am sure that he and Heidi will have a beautiful future and family together.