Geraldo and Erica consider biblical names for their baby.

03/12/2005 at 04:51 PM ET

1_39 Geraldo and Erica are due in August with their first child together. While on The View the other day, Geraldo revealed that they are finding out the baby’s sex next week, and that names under consideration include Maccabees and Sol. Both Erica and Geraldo’s mother are Jewish, so the names hold religious significance.

Geraldo’s children from previous relationships are named Gabriel, Cruz (another one?) Isabella, and Simone. I have to agree with Beth at, who says, "I don’t think Maccabee and Sol go with the other names at all, plus I just generally don’t like them!"

What are your opinions on Geraldo and Erica’s choices?


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victoria on

I think this is why i kept my name ideas to myself until my son was born!
Not my choices BUT all the best to them and the baby.

saba on

I thought we had to be all nice about people and their kids in our comments, so why are we criticising Geraldo’s names? I like Maccabee (nn: Mac or Bee?).
Re Cruz: Also Cruz Bustamante who was just not movie-star ‘cool’ enough for the people of California. And wasn’t there some character on DOOL called Cruz?

Sarah, CBB Editor on

The rules are for the posters, not for the editors. 🙂 You can say if you do or don’t like the names, just don’t say “they’re ugly or hideous” etc.

Erica on

Not too keen on Sol, but I love Soleil for a girl.

Anonymous on

I think they’re joking. Whenever anyone would ask what names we were thinking of, we’d say “Harry Potter” or “Chow Yun Fat” because we didn’t want to say the real names and get flak for it. For me, it’s kind of a let down when you know the name ahead of time. You get that phone call that says “The baby is here” and you’re like “Yeah, and it’s a boy and you named him George Jr., right?” and they say “Yeah” and you’re like, “Congrats, bye.” I like a little surprise!

Also, Cruz was a character on Santa Barbara, not DOOL!

girl on

Oh boy. I pity the child on the playground named “Maccabee.”

tink1217 on

Those names are not my style at all, but to each his own. Babies are blessings no matter what they are named!!

jessamy on

There are a lot of biblical names I like, but these are not my style. One of my favourite names now is Elijah.

Jennifer on

Celebrities wanna keep thier kids lives so private but then give names that set them so far apart that makes people wanna talk about them even more..
You give them life, you give them a name. Name him something that is special to you that he can live with and be proud of.. Don’t pick something just to be different from everybody else.

Judy on

They are rather unusual names. When I was picking out my childrens names (Jennifer, Kaitlyn, Christina) I tried to pick out names that they would not be teased about. I guess people don’t worry about that anymore.

Alyson on

I think people just want their children to have unique names. So there won’t be 3 other kids in their kindergarden with the same name. My sister was like that when she had her 2 kids, Peyton and Brody!

Rye on

Did they ever find out the gender?

Amy on

i like the name amy brenneman chose Bodhi its really unusual and unique a little bit different from charlotte which seems so elegant

Amaya on

I think celebrities need to realize that their children will be living among “civilians” who are cruel to those with “unique” names. A celebrity won’t always hold celebrity status. They need to realize that these children need to grow up with these names…and grow into them. My mom always says would anyone vote for a President who was named (for example) Apple?
But, as I say…to each their own…

thaleis on

Hu ???

It’s very weird…

Iam french, and in french language, “machabees” means “died”, and “sol”, sound as “ground”… 🙂