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03/09/2005 at 04:38 PM ET

If you want to send us news, photo, compliment, or complain, please email at [danielle@] (remove the brackets).  Anytime you send a photo or a hot tip, please include your name (if you wanted to be thanked) and the source of the information and URL, if available.  If you don’t include the source, we can’t include it.  This link is ALWAYS available by clicking the Email link on the left side of the page under Menu. 

Please do not post news by commenting on other posts.  We’ve been noticing a lot of people commenting on past Celeb Birth posts or completely unrelated posts.   Not everyone reads them, especially if they are older posts.  Email them to us. 

We really love it when you send us news and photos, but please understand that we can’t put it up right away.  I work a full-time job and Sarah is a full-time student with two part-time jobs plus we have other life commitments. 

You can help out by rewriting the news in your own words- we will credit you!  For photos, give us as much information as possible.  Where did you find it?  How old is the child?  How many months along is the pregnancy?   If you are interested in being a contributor, start by sending us news on a regular basis.  If I see you are consistent, we will consider making you a contributor.

Please do not email us to ask if we have photos or news on a certain celeb.  If it’s not on the site, we don’t have it. 

If you want to add a link to your website, you don’t need to ask us.  As long as you are not direct-linking to our images, you are free to link away.  We love links- that’s how new readers discover us!


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