Joan Lunden's second set of twins are born

03/07/2005 at 06:36 PM ET


Joan Lunden and her husband, businessman Jeff Konigsberg, welcomed their second set of twins, another girl and a boy, on March 1.  The twins, Kimberly Elise and Jack Andrew weighed 6 lbs. 12 oz. and 7 lbs. 9 oz., respectively.

The surrogate who carried them is the same woman who gave birth to Joan’s first set of twins, Kate and Max, almost two years ago.

"I feel like I’m living on Noah’s Ark – they’re coming two by two," said Joan.   When they decided to have more kids with the surrogate, they weren’t planning on another set of twins. "We weren’t actually trying for twins again," she said, "but of course that’s always in the cards when you implant more than one embryo."

As for the manner is which her household grew: "You usually only hear about surrogacy when there’s a horror story (over custody). Word needs to get out that it is a viable option if done safely and correctly with a good agency so everyone is protected."

Joan has three grown daughters from a previous marriage- Jamie 24, Lindsay 21, and Sarah 17.

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Jacks on

Congratulations, I think anytime a child is brought into a wanting, healthy, & capable family it is a good thing. We should respect the desire of any couple to parent and I think its wonderful that so many options are becoming available to infertile couples. BTW, Max & Kate are soo cute and I’m sure these two will be yummy as well.

Ashley on

That is so sweet! Good on them, and I hope they all have a very happy life!!

crazy on

I’ve asked this in another section but I have not gotten an answer yet. Did Joan Lundon use surrogate eggs or her own eggs?

katie on

i read in a magazine after she had kate and max that she refused to say whose eggs were used. i think she wants to keep that private.

Kiara on

Iam so happy Nicole and Boris got there baby two days before Boris birthday

aaron on

She would have had to use donor eggs. The likelihood of a woman being able to use her own eggs after the age of 45 is astronomically against it…And Joan is like in her late fifties/early sixties. Eggs are not considered saveable with cryopreservation, either, so that can be counted out as a possibility.

amy on

According to, she’s 54 (will turn 55 in September.)

amy on

I just found an article that was written shortly after the birth of Max and Kate and it’s true that Joan chooses to keep private the source of the eggs. However, the story does say that the surrogate has no biological ties to the children and that the eggs came from another donor. This is known as gestational surrogacy.

Lisa on

congrats to Joan Lunden and her family on the 2 new additions!

Judy on

I think it is wonderful that they are able to have a family. Congrats to Joan and Jeff.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Why are there comments about Boris and Nicole’s daughter in here…?

Anyway, in the new People article, Joan says that they used donor eggs, not her own.

Lisa on

I am happy that the babies are healthy, I just don’t get why a woman with 5 children already at age 54 feels it’s time for more, doesn’t it seem s alittle selfish to anyone else that she will be in her 70s when they graduate high school. She has 3 adult children, a set of twins and then infants, I just don’t get it, and you she had to go through extraordinary means to get these children, but they are here so best of luck to them.

Demi on

I love Joan! She is so pretty! I’m gald she had a other set of twins! Does any one know if Joan and Jeff are going to have a other set of twins? Conrats Joan and Jeff! P.s the twins are very cute!