Lopez bares belly but says not pregnant

03/04/2005 at 10:01 AM ET

In order to show that she is not pregnant, Jennifer Lopez bared her belly while during her Today Show appearance yesterday.   She said, "I think I’ve been pregnant about 17 times.  I’m trying to keep that part of my life very personal."

A flat stomach does not mean she’s not pregnant, especially if she has tight abs.  Many women don’t show for a while.  When did you begin to show? 

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kelli on

i am a very small person (5’1, 100lbs) and when i was pregnant with my twin girls, i didnt begin showing till i was around 5 months pregnant. then i started getting a little ‘thick’ with a little bump.

Aimee on

I was an average size when I was pregnant with my first child (120lbs 5’5) and I started showing probably about 4 or 5months. With my 2nd and 3rd child I started showing sooner.

Alex on

Not until my 15th week or so. It kind of happened overnight. One day I was flat, the next day *bloop*

See?: http://www.mirrorproject.com/mirror/?id=20661

stacey on

my first u couldnt tell i was pregnant till i was about 6 months along.. only gained 13 lbs .. my second was about my 4th month.. gained a whopping 65 lbs with him and my last i started showing the second i found out i was pregnant so 6 to 8 weeks.. 40 lb gain with him.

Lisa on

With my first baby, I was 5’7″ and 120lbs. I didn’t show until, 6 months. Second child, 5 months. Third child, and after a 13 yr. break, 6 months. Each baby was in the 7 1/2lb. range and I ganed exactly 35lbs each time.

Heather on

When I got pregnant with my first child I was 5’8″ l30 lbs, I didn’t show until 5 months, he was a big boy though, he weighed 10’3 at birth!

Tena on

LIke the first person. 5’0 100 lbs, I didn’t have a belly until end of fifth month. I wore maternity clothes only last 6-8 weeks.

Jennifer on

Wow Heather, he was a big baby!

I didn’t start showing until I was 6 months. My daughter is very petite though, she was only 5lbs 12oz and 19″ long.

Judy on

When I had my first daughter (now 18) we were trying to start a family. I was so excited about the idea of being a mom that I wanted to look pregnant. I got a bump around 5 months. I gained around 26 pounds. When Jennifer was born she weighed 7lbs 5oz. When I was pregnant with my second daughter (now 13) I started looking thick around 4 months. I gained 32 pounds with her and when Kaitlin was born she weighed 7 pounds even. When my third daughter (now 10) was born I also started looking thick at around 4 months, I gained 40 pounds much to the dismay of my doctor. Christina weighed 8 pounds 3 ounces.

Lyssa on

My family could start to notice in my 22nd week. But I’m small and strangers didn’t start making comments until 8 1/2 months!

Nicole on

I was around 20 weeks or so before you could really notice if you didn’t know me.

Courtney on

With my first, I started showing around 14 weeks. Well nobody else could tell when I was dressed but if you looked at my bare belly you could tell. My belly was flat pre-preg too so even if she has rock hard abs she could still be showing soon after the first trimester or even some before the second.

Terri on

I was so skinny (which is maybe why this happened) that I started showing at 21/2 months. I gained 30lbs before I was even through my first trimester. (Which all showed up in my belly!) I then gained a total of 78lbs. I managed to loose it all too – minus about 10lbs that I needed anyway!

Aurelia on

I didn’t show until 7 1/2 months! And, too, I barely gained 20 pounds the entire time, so it was really hard for people to tell until about the month I was due – I didn’t even know I was pregnant until I was past my first trimester! So, really, there is no telling!

amy on

At around 4 mos with the first and by 4 mos with the second people were commenting I was about to pop! Twins will do that 😉

becca on

With my son, I didn’t show until ALMOST SEVEN MONTHS. Really, I had nothing until I was about… 32 weeks? Then I just popped. ::laughs:: I’m pregnant with our second, and am only starting to have a little bump now, at 17 weeks. A stranger probably won’t guess I’m pregnant until into the third trimester again. I believe a flat tummy doesn’t necessarily mean no baby– I have a friend who doesn’t show until about two weeks before the baby arrives.

April on

I’m an average size youngin at 5′ 7″, 125lbs. I didn’t show until a little after 5 months. I thought my tummy was sooo huge!! My mom took pictures, and when I saw them, I was surprised at how small my stomach was! I wanted my stomach to show so bad. I didn’t want people to think I was fat, I wanted them to see my baby belly! 🙂 I’d say around my 7th month strangers could tell I was pregnant. The weird thing was, my pants didn’t fit right after the first month. It was just my mid-section had gotten thick, but gained no weight. My daughter came 22 days early (I had high blood pressure) weighing in at 6lbs. 5oz. I believe my total weight gain was right at 30lbs. I barely gained any weight up until the end of my pregnancy. I gained 10lbs in 2 weeks!! My doctor did NOT like that. Oh well… 🙂

Angela on

I was 5’7″ and 115 lbs when I got pregnant with my first. I didn’t show until right at 6 months. She was fairly small 5lb 14 oz.

With the second I was showing around 4 1/2 months. He wasn’t much bigger, 6lb 6 oz

Tammy D. on

With my first pregnancy I showed earlier 13-14 weeks. With this one I didn’t show until almost 20 weeks. I agree that a flat stomach doesn’t mean anything. I met a woman that had a flat stomach and she was 7 almost 8 months along! She showed in her later weeks. Jennifer Lopez is too good of shape to show early. The poor thing probably wants to keep SOMETHING private.

yonni on

I don’t thinks he is pregnant…It does take a while to show, but look at her..People follow her everywhere and snap pictures, and criticize her…That is the one thing we will probably not know about until she is like 4 months…She will keep it hidden..