Julia "plagued" by new bosom

03/04/2005 at 08:43 PM ET

Julia Roberts is having a hard time getting used to her new, enhanced bosom, a gift from her twin babies Phinneaus (Finn) and Hazel.  Her boobs have gotten so big from breastfeeding that she had a hard time finding her Oscar gown.

She eventually settled for a black gown with scooped neck, but complained, "It’s the only dress brave enough to hold in my breast line.  Yes (I’m serious), this is no joke."

She must be the only one complaining.  We all admired her lovely decolletage and I’m sure Danny does too.

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Sarcastic Journalist on

heck, they didn’t look that big to me. i would love for my breastfeeding boobs to look like that.

Anonymous on

Mine do look like that after 13+ months of breastfeeding. I’m so afraid that when my son stops nursing, they’ll just sag like deflated balloons.

Nicole on

Celebrities, who don’t have implants usually have small breasts, probably due to the intense exercise regimines they have. Most normal women have breasts that size, so its not that out of the ordinary to me.

havana on

they arent THAT big – the rest of her is still slim so i find it hard to believe it was so amazingly difficult for her to find a dress!!

Jennifer on

I totally believe it was that hard to find a dress. I wear a size 4 but I have size D breasts-that are real. I can’t buy any dress without going to a size 14 or so and then have it altered. And that’s not anything designer that is made to fit models and actresses who have dieted themselves to the point of no breasts. Since that seems to be the trend these days.

She may have not had time to go through alterations and fittings. She does have two small babies at home.

Tami on

I’m just so completely proud of her for breastfeeding Hazel and Phin. She is helping to set an awesome example for other moms of twins…yes, you CAN breastfeed them! Just look at Julia! It’s quite wonderful.

Nicole on

When i have kids I won’t be breastfeeding-i’m in school to be a sports lawyer and its just not going to happen if I’m in the office all day.

Jennifer, my sister Jena( thats her name!)has DD’s and is a size 4. Shes 19 and they are real, and she goes through so much hassle finding tops that fit!

Julee on

Yay for Julia breastfeeding!! What a wonderful role model she is.

Cait on

Nicole – you can always pump your breastmilk. It might depend on where you live, but there are often laws that require a working mother to have a quiet, comfortable place to pump. It might be time consuming but it’s the best for your baby. 🙂

sarah on

It’s good that Julia Roberts is breastfeeding her kids, but some people don’t breastfeed because they can’t, not for cosmetic reasons.

Certainly, breastfeeding is an extremely healthy option for most women and babies. However, if someone cannot breastfeed – for whatever reason – it isn’t a personal failing.

It’s a personal issue, and women who aren’t breastfeeding shouldn’t be made to feel guilty or lesser than those who do.

Jane on

Good point Sarah. On this site, a lot of people seem to think that if you have a nanny or you don’t breastfeed, you’re a bad mother. It’s a personal choice, and we should all repect that.

Judy on

I think it is wonderful that Julia is breastfeeding her twins. I hope she has supportive people around her who will encourage her to continue breastfeeding.

I do not think anyone meant that a woman who doesn’t breastfeed is a bad mother. A woman can work (and/or go to school) and breastfeed.

Danielle, CBB Editor on

Since I see this is evolving into a flamefest about breastfeeding, I am closing the comments.