Denise has a windfall coming her way

03/04/2005 at 10:32 PM ET

While looking for more information on the upcoming divorce, I found out this information about their prenup. If Denise’s sudden decision is due to cheating, she will receive even more money:

Deen Martin Sheen came up with the prenup idea for his badboy son as a way to put his womanizing ways behind him. Denise will get $2 million in the event of a divorce, and another $2 million if Charlie cheats (divorce or not, apparently.)

Interesting! Thoughts, anyone?

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Anonymous on

Well, at least she’ll have the money for comfort and the kids will be well-taken care of financially. I might be willing to let him touch me for that! Otherwise, no way would his hooker-dallying, drug-using self get anywhere near me without lots of precautions. I think she was brave to be with him (intimately) in the first place, given his history (or perhaps not such historical events).



Heather on

I totally Believe that!! Martin Sheen did something to Charlie a few years back if I remember correctly to teach him that he was tired of bailing him out all the time. I think he may have had him arrested or something and threatened to bring charges against him if he didn’t change…well then he married Denise and “changed” his ways. Go Martin!!!

Kady on

I know this sounds crazy, but $4million really isn’t that much in Hollywood terms. Most celebs houses cost more than that, then you have maintenance costs on top, all those designer clothes, transport, security… Denise may have been financially better off staying with Charlie, so I guess the divorce is primarily a reaction to his betrayal (if that is what happened) and getting $4million out of him is just a bonus – and a good way to hurt him back.

Elle on

I was thinking the same thing. I thought that she’d get more than 4 Million. Maybe she’ll get hefty child/spousal support. It just breaks my heart because Sam is so cute. Denise seems to really enjoy being a mom.

coltcasmom on

I feel so bad for Denise, she believed all his promises(and he probably did too)but i quess the pull of expensive hookers got too much for him. I bet he is crying over losing her now though. I wish her and her babies all the luck !

Teena on

Yeah, I agree 4 million isnt alot. But that’s assuming that she is getting the other 2 million. None of us know if he had an affair. I personally think he had a drug relapse. Because she only wants Charlie to have visitation rights. She must think that he is a possible danger to the children.

Amanda on

It was wishful thinking on Denise’s part but it is hard for men like Charlie to correct his bouts of out-of-control and impulsive episodes which is probably what happened. Usually a woman will not leave her man while pregnant unless they do something really rotten! Time will tell in what happened and I am sure it will be best for the kids.

Alice on

Just read in the paper that he did indeed cheat…with a HOOKER! Apparently, it’s not the first time he’s cheated on her since they’ve been married! I guess she has just had enough of his cheating ways.

If she does indeed get 2 million every time he’s cheated (divorce or not) I wonder how much she’s racked up!

Sam on

It does not say that she will get 2 million for everytime he cheats.

Alice on

Hmmmm…I guess I read something wrong. Sorry 🙂

sarah on


Anne on

“Windfall” as defined by

“A sudden, unexpected piece of good fortune or personal gain.”

So, even though her personal life is failing apart, she’s got money coming her way.

pingpong on

I wouldn’t call it a windfall.

Poor Denise 😦

Alectra on

4 million isnt much in Hollywood. Most celebs who spend more than 4 million on their homes.

Judy on

Four million to Charlie is probably like a few thousand to the rest of us.

I wondered what she was thinking when they got married. I wondered if someone who was a womanizer and had problems with drugs and alcohol could suddenly settle down. Poor Denise must be terribly stressed out. Maybe her decision to get out of the situation has eased her stress. I sure hope so. I hope she can put this behind her and move on with her life.

Erin Walker on

Mabye it would be a good idea to have a consituional ban on celebrities from marrying each other!

Erin Walker on

I don’t understand.It’s not okay for gay couples who really love each other to get married,but celebrites who don’t really know how make a union work can.

Mitchell on

On Access Hollywood, Charlie Sheen did an interview. He said that he didn’t cheat but, that the matter was private.

What do you all think?

me on

I think I would be SHOCKED beyond words if he actually DID admit it. His denying it is not really that much of a surprise.

michelle anne on

I remember seeing a interview with them when they were just dating ,they asked dennis about charlies past and his wayward ways,She said it did bother her a bit,and if he ever cheated on her like he has done to others in the past ,there would be no second chance,,then she laughed?? hum maybe thats the reason?

me on

IF that is the reason they broke up, she was either really in love with him or just plain crazy to be willing to give it a try. There must have been doubts going on in her head the whole time.

Bess on

Prenups — it all seems pretty silly to me. If you don’t trust someone enough to get married without one and if you don’t have faith that you’re marriage will succeed, then maybe you shouldn’t marry that person at all!

Jean on

So true. The sad thing is that becuase of his history no one will believe him, and everyone is quick to assume that he is to blame. Maybe Denise just decided she didn’t want to be married to him after all. Oh well, we will never really know what happened.

Laura on

It could be so many things, I’ve heard both say (in reputable places, not tabs)it wasn’t a matter of infidelity, I wonder about substance issues, which are an ongoing struggle and never “cured”. Once he said it was all the long hours at the new TV show, different dynamic than when they were making movies, especially when they were working together. I suspect maybe a bit of drinking/drugs only because she wants sole custody, and I think she would be of the mind to have joint if it was safe, at least it sounded that way in the past.
Prenups, while well intentioned, I think often diminish what the commitment is supposed to be, and is like betting against your marriage working. All these relationship laws need to be reassessed for current times, there’s got to be a better way than serial marriages, marriage for monetary gain, kids used as weapons. So far the baby and she seem happy, I hope that she is still interacting with the grandparents at least, and only they know the whole deal.