Britney wants to be a full time mom

03/04/2005 at 06:40 PM ET

As much as Britney Spears wants to be a mom, she says she will only start her family when she’s prepared to be a full-time mother, and that means quitting the music industry.  She says, "I can’t wait. To be a really good mom, I feel your child needs to be your full-time job, so it would have to be at the right time.  I want to share all of those precious moments with them and not rely on nannies."

Is this world ready for her new role?  What would Britney be without her trucker hat, placed askew, atop her ratty hair?  Oh wait, she’ll probably dress like that as a mom.  Are we ready, world? 


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tink1217 on

well, i know most here do not like britney very much and i haven’t been thrilled with her choices. But, at least she knows how much time, energy, and love it takes to be a mom. she is willing to give up her career to be a full time mom and i think thats wonderful.

jessica on

She is right! Good for her!

Katie on

LOL.Britney a mom!

Carolyn on

I’m sorry but just because you work, it does not make you less of a mom. Not everyone is as fortunate as you are Britney.

Sarcastic Journalist on

I won’t get into the stay at home/working debate. it is a very old one. but? i’m sure britney’s kids will all have the itty bitty trucker hats to wear.

Sienna on

Although we all know that Britney Spears is your stereotypical trashy tabloid pop singer, she IS a person who is not as stupid as she looks. She apparently understands the time and commitment it takes to be a mother, and she wants it! I think that like many, Britney has maternal instincts and I think she has the potential to be a terrific mother and I can’t wait for her to get pregnant!

stephanie on

as many people have pointed out, if she can’t take care of herself, how is she going to take care of a baby?

Nicole on

She lets her dogs poop all over her house, so I don’t think she’ll be a good mom, she’s too immature right now. Of course she’ll hire nannies. Of course we all know moms who work aren’t any less of a mom then women who stay home full time. In this day and age its not possible for most women to stay home, if you can, your lucky!

Sam on

I agree Stephanie. How can she take care of a baby when she cant take care of herself. Has anybody forgotten the infamous walking into a gas station’s public restroom while barefoot moment? Yuck!

Jennifer on

I remember that! She did it twice! She’s my age, and because of all the rediculous stuff she’s done, I’m ashamed to admit that! But I’m married with a daughter, so I don’t think about doing some of the things she’s done in the past. This just proves we all grow up at different rates.

I think given the right circumstances, Britney could be a great mom, she seems great with Kevin’s children. I just hope she waits a few more years before diving into that one….

Nicole on

I’m around her age as well(i’m 22), and although I’m far from being married with a baby(I am about to be engaged, however), I think she’s extremely immature for her age and I too am ashamed to admit I’m her age!

Judy on

I think Britney needs to take a step back and take life a little slower. She was married in a prank marriage in Vegas, then she got engaged to Kevin, then she got married now she wants a child. All of this happened in a short amount of time. She seems rather impulsive to me. I think she should take time for her and Kevin to see if things will work out between them before they complicate the situation with children. IMO,you should really get to know someone before you bring children into this world with them. Kevin’s “other girlfriend” was pregnant when Kevin and Britney got together. That says a lot about his character. I’m sure Britney thinks that “she” is different and he would never do that to her. Once a cheater always a cheater. IMO, she should think twice about bringing a child into this world with this man. Maybe Denise Richards should give Britney a call.

Jennifer on

I’m so glad I’m not the only person who is Britney’s age who thinks she is a disgrace to people in their early twenties!

I think Judy’s post above is perfectly correct. I agree with everything that you posted, she needs a reality check. Who in their right mind would want to a) date a man while he is still dating another PREGNANT(GASP) woman, b) get married to the creep, c) try to have children before a year into the marriage knowing that there is a huge possiblity he will do the same to you. I certainly wouldn’t.

This is purely my opinion so if you have a different opinion, please, don’t aim your comments at me, just express yourself. I am not here to start an argument.

br8ghteyes on

I am a young mother and I don’t think it neccessarily has to do with age, I think it has to deal with your mindset. I went to a great university and graduated with a BA and I now have a great career. All of this before 24. I know plenty of young mothers who are successful. I think Britney is more trend driven and yes, it is pretty trendy to be married and have kids. The truth of the matter is that Britney probably didn’t know what it was really like to have a child until she married Kevin. Now that the fantasy is over, she is re-thinking having kids now.