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03/03/2005 at 03:57 PM ET

David and Victoria Beckham may have to rename their newborn son, Cruz, because Spanish civil law "prohibits names which introduce ambiguity related to gender."  In Spain, Cruz is considered a girl’s name. 

Also, apparently the Beckhams are planning to build the boys a two-story, $190,000 playhouse.

Additionally, the Beckhams have no plans to stop with the babymaking.  They would really like a girl.  David told a Spanish magazine, presumably before the birth of 3rd son Cruz, "I’ve had two sons but I’d like a little girl.  I’d like to have four or five children and be a big family."  When can we expect news of baby 4?  Says Victoria’s mother, Jackie Adams, "There have been jokes that, when Cruz is 18 months old, David and Victoria will be broody again!"


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Canita on

That’s a curious law. I’m interested to see what Posh and Becks decide to do. And on another note….as much as I love them, the Beckhams spend money like it grow on trees!!

crazy on

I’m from Spanish descent and My brother’s middle name is Cruz, which means cross. I never even heard of Cruz being considered a girl’s name up until now.

Jennifer on

That kind of law is not uncommon in Europe. They have as similar one in Italy. The frown upon naming children anything they consider the “flavor the month” or made up names.

Julie, CBB Contributor on

Jennifer – That is correct, it’s the same law here in France. You can’t name your child whatever you want to. And to be honest, I think it’s a GREAT thing. I’m always surprised at some of the names given to kids, especially among the celebrity babies ones!

Linzy on

Apparently the playhouse will also have a garage for Brooklyn to park his £20,000 Hummer. I think they seem to go OTT, they’ve already built them a wooden fort that cost £100,000.

Judy on

There are actually laws in other countries about naming your children? IMO, If a person wants to name their child Cruz Beckham or even Apple Martin it is their business.

Erica on

Judy I completely agree with you. As idiotic as some of these baby names are, the mother and father are the ones who will be raising/caring for/loving the child, and no one else should have any say in it! Much less the country’s government. I’d love it if Bush ever tried to tell me what I could or could not name my child. As long as he or any other gov’t official is not pushing the kid out—they have NO SAY.

Also, I have heard of many spanish men with the first and middle name Cruz. It’s not like they named the kid Isabella or something.

stephanie on

this is old news. it was posted days after cruz was born, whom has a boys’ name, by the way. and their spokesman have said, “They can name their child whatever they want.”

Kiki on

That law is ridiculous!! People should be able to name their child whatever they please, it’s a very personal and important choice. I don’t think any government should put restrictions on that! What about Brooklyn, isn’t that a unisex name? What are they going to do?

Jane on

Well, they had Brooklyn in the UK not in Spain so there’s no problem there. And personally a lot of these names are just plain stupid and there should be laws if that’s what it takes to keep parents from screwing up their kids’ lives with silly names.

pingpong on

I think it’s kind of funny. It’s not the first time they’ve had egg on their face, though. Vic will be pleased she’s in the news again … it doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s embarrassing or not, she’s just thrilled to be mentioned in the media.

If they’re going to have a child in a country other than their homeland, they’ve got to respect the rules of that country, whether we think those rules suck or not. I wouldn’t go to another country and expect that they change their laws just to suit me. It’s all about cultural awareness and respect. Don’t like the rule? Have your kid in America.

Jenny on

I heard that Victoria cannot have any more children because of three ceasarian deliveries. In the Australian and NZ press that’s what they’re saying anyway. Apparently that’s why she hasn’t been out in public yet like she usually does – she’s too upset.

Jane on

Really? What aussie mag is saying that? Poor Victoria if it’s true. But again, they could always adopt a little girl or boy.

Kay on

I have heard in other situations that 3 c-sections is the limit because of medical reasons. They could always use a surrogate to carry another child if they choose not to adopt, so it’s not the end of children for them. Also, Victoria elected to have those 3 c-sections (presumably for cosmetic reasons) and should have been aware of the limitations before deciding to do so, so she shouldn’t be shocked by this. And the name business is just silly!

Anonymous on

#1 They’re British citizens so it doesn’t matter where the baby was born, his name could be M*ID@*!&7 if they want (well, maybe certain characters are not allowed).
#2 I think Cruz is a masculine name.
#3 She had elective c-sections so her OB qould have told her the risks of repeated surgeries. They can choose to get pregnant again (or accidentally) and they’d have to be really cautious and know it’s a risk that they might lose the pregnancy.

pingpong on

anonymous, just because they’re British citizens doesn’t mean they get to ignore the laws of the country they’re living in – the country where their child was born, which is the country his birth is registered in.

isaac on

My stepmother had four c-sections and she didn’t have any complications, and that was years ago. They can do a whole lot with medicine these days, I would be really surprised if that is the reason they decide not to have more kids.

Linzy on

I just read that Brooklyn is getting £25,000 earrings for his birthday.

Those 2 really do have more money than sense!

Sarah on

Concerning the laws in naming a child:
I deal with this issue out of interest and also because I study linguistics. In Germany it is usually so that the registry office has the final say. They are really quite liberal and everything can be discussed, but when there are severe cases in which the well-being of the child could be harmed, they interfere (mostly also liberal with suggestions). There are three limitations: 1. Differentiation – that means, you can’t have the same name like a sibling and you can’t have an explicit family name as a first name. 2. Gender – that means a name must make clear the gender of the person, in case of doubt you need an explicit middle name. 3. Well-Being of child – that means absurd or silly names or vituperations aren’t allowed. Titles and unrespectful names or names with bad connotations aren’t also.
This sounds pretty tough, but it isn’t. It’s only sane, and it’s sad that those rules are needed at all. But I don’t think parents have every right to name their child the way they want, because sometimes they choose very poorly. And believe me, there are many such cases! Official examples for declined names are “HoChiMinh”, “Christ”, “God”, “Störenfried” (=”trouble maker”, I guess they didn’t want that child *g*), “Bierstübl” (=”ale house”) and “Gramophone”.
Well, I support this law.

Canita on

Sarah, are you a German national or studying abroad? I live in Germany right now and find your post very interesting! Now that I think about it, all of my German girlfriends have very distinctly feminine names….Sabrina, Tatjana, Natascha, etc.

Sarah on

Canita, I’m a German national.
(I guess we’re getting off topic now, you can send me a mail if you like to. Where do you study?)

And concerning the Beckhams: I think all their money has just gotten to their heads a little bit. I think they spoil their kids too much. But on the other hand, maybe I should just concentrate harder on ignoring them.
They should procede making kids, so that every one one of them will have to work for money one day, not just inherit enough to live! 🙂

pingpong on

Thanks for that informative post, Sarah.

And like I said earlier, you have to abide by the laws of a country if you choose to give birth to your child in that country.

A similar example would be a Dutch person going to the US and openly smoking marijuana. They’d get arrested – the excuse ‘well it’s okay in my country’ would be laughed at. The Beckhams have effectively done the same thing.

celine on

I don’t think they will have to change the baby’s name. Ok they live in Spain but the fact that they are English and that the name is not female for English people may allowed them to keep this name. And u know, they are celebs and celebs are priviledged…
Btw i think i remember a boy in my college whose name was Cruz and he was Spanish (but lived in the USA)! I wonder if it’s really considered as a female name in Spain…

pingpong on

Yes, it is definitely a girl’s name in Spain, and no just because they’re British celebrities doesn’t mean they get to disregard the law.

crazy on

It’s probably one of those names that can be used for a boy or a girl, although all the Cruz’s I have ever met have been boys.

Yonni on

Okay first. I like the name Cruz…It is different. I like it. I don’t think they will have any problems keeping his name “Cruz.”

Secondly, I have had 2 c-sections (neither an elected c-section)..I also highly doubt that Victoria elected to have a c-section. The complications are so much greater. Her children are close in age, and after you have one c-section the chances you will have another are greater. My kids are only 17 months apart, so my body didn’t have a chance to completely return to “normal”. As you know Victoria has had three kids in 5 years that take s a toll on your body, and I am sure her Dr probably recommended that she continue to get c-sections so that her uterus does not rupture. P.S. I have heard all the rumors before about the # of c-sections you can have, and there is no limit. I talked to my Dr about it, and I could deliver more children via c-section if I choose to. I could also attempt to do a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) but there are complications…

Sara on

I heard that this gender law doesn’t apply to Cruz now, because his middle name is David, which specifies that he’s male.

danielle on

I think Cruz is a cool name, and you really cant go by Europe standards, to me an American, they give some of there boys names, sound like girls names to me anyway.. such as America that is typically a girls name, and should be… to each is own though