Kevin talks about his chunky little babies

02/16/2005 at 11:46 PM ET

Kevin Federline (a.k.a. Mr. Britney Spears) talks to Details magazine (where he graces the cover this month) about his kids:

Kfederline010805_01_1 I have a baby son named Kaleb. Believe it or not, his full name is Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline. He’s about 6 months old now. And he’s getting fat, too. Kori was a fat baby too. Man, she was just big. She looked like she was gonna be a damn football player.

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Canita on

I think lil’ chunky babies are adorable! All those little fat rolls; they’re so squeeshy! I’d love to see a more recent picture of Kaleb, I bet he’s grown so much.

tink1217 on

I love chunky babies!!! Both mine were chunky babies and toddlers and they are normal weight now. They were so cute!!

Genevra DiLorenzo on

wait, i’m confused. he has a 6 month old son? when did he & britney get married? is this one of those things that every else knows and i dont?

stella on

Genevra, the 6-month-old is with his ex-girlfriend. She was 6 or 7 months pregnant when Kevin hooked up with Britney.

It would be nice if he said something complimentary about his kids — not just how *fat* they are. I read the rest of the interview online. That guy seems as dumb as a box of hair.

not a fan on

i cant believe he said that about his kids. imagine if they come across that interview in 10+ yrs…. sheesh ><

Jane on

Why is it that because he’s saying his children are chunky that it’s bad? Chunky children are cute, and he is not saying that he thinks they’re ugly or stupid!

Mary N. on

Fat/Chunky babies are cute, no doubt about it. =)

Katie on

Fat is a lot more ‘harsh’ than chubby/chunky.

Dawn on

Fat is a little harsh but then again I question anyone who doesn’t object to his child’s middle name being Michael Jackson even if Jackson is the mother’s maiden name.

Cher on

Why on earth did Kevin and his baby’smomma give their son the middle name of ‘Michael Jackson’???? Why name your child after a soon-to-be convicted child molestor?

Alyson on

well they named him Kaleb after the character on the movie Skulls and they made his middle name Michael because they both love the singer. Not everyone believes Michael is a child molestor, many swear that he did not do anything, but lets see what the court thinks!

Ally on

Actually, that’s not true. Michael is not for Michael Jackson, it is for Kevin’s dad, Michael. Kevin is very close to his dad and wanted to honor him in his son’s name. Jackson is of course for Shar Jackson. It’s just a weird coincidence and they came up with this name 3 1/2 years ago when Shar was pregnant with Kori. If Kori had been a boy, she would have had that name. It’s not like he’ll go around saying ‘my name is Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline’, he’ll mostly just be Kaleb Michael Federline.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Thanks for the pics Alyson. 🙂 Next time, though, could you email or IM them to us instead of posting them under comments? It just makes more work because we have to delete unrelated posts, blah blah. I saved the pics and will put them up later. Thank you!

Alyson on

your welcome. I don’t know the email address, otherwise I would of emailed them to you, but I’m not very technical, so I probably would of skrewed it up! LOL

Sarah, CBB Editor on

It’s no problem! The email is at the menu on the top left. It’s or you can IM Danielle at celebitybabies on AIM. Thanks for understanding.

Erin Walker on

LOL,I remember the week they got married and on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”,They did a bit where Jay was “interviewing”Kevin and Gilbert Gottifried impersonated Kevin and Leno asked him “So why did you marry Brityney Spears?”and Gilbert as Kevin answerd “Because Oprah rejected me!”