Ben and Laura finally name their little girl

02/16/2005 at 11:59 AM ET

Colour10082557_1 Ben Harper and Laura Dern have decided on the Hindu name Jaya (JAY-ah) for their first born daughter. The name, which means "praise to God" or "victorious," was just recently chosen by the couple, even though the baby is 3 months old! Ben says that they waited so long because they, "didn’t want to pick the wrong name!"

They also announced that they are planning to marry sometime in 2005, after four years together and a long engagement. They have a son together, Ellery, while Ben also has a son and daughter from his previous marriage.

Thanks to Ani for the link! And thanks to ThinkBabyNames for the pronounciation!


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Beth on

I think their children are beautiful!!

Shalini Kaiser on

Cute name, my name is also of hindu origin. I bet she will be as pretty as her mom.

Yonni on

I LOVE that name!!!

Sam on

How is this name pronounced?

sarah on

I really like the name I know they took a long time to decide on a name but, I think that it was well worth the wait.

Aly on

thats such an awesome name- i love it!

chris on

Awww! that’s cool name. Congrats to Laura, Ben and Ellery!

Lyssa on

Probably pronounced like Maya.

Kildine on

Thanks for the news :-))
I like that original name ! pretty cool !! :-))

Ani on

Does anyone know his older kids names?

pingpong on

it’s pronounced JYE-uh, not JAY-uh.

And Ben said it’s a tentative choice – it’s not definite yet.

I hope they end up sticking with this name – it’s lovely! But it’s a bit pre-emptive to announce it as being the name of their child, especially when they themselves have said it might change.

Kate on

Thats a beautiful name

pingpong on

ani, I know his daughter is Harris, but I can’t remember his son.

Mary N. on

Beautiful baby with a beautiful name!

crazy on

I like the name Jaya. It sounds better than the names Jayden or Jaida. Which are cute names but too popular.

Jennifer on

I like the name. My husband is Indian and we named our daughter Jayna…..which means fortune (loosely translated as well). My son’s name is Dominic which is after the Italian side of my family. Jaya is cool…unique but easy to pronounce.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

PingPong, all the information I got is from the article that’s posted, and from the baby names pronounciation site. It said almost definite, and I figured people would read the article if they wanted more info. Personally, I don’t know a lot about Ben or Laura, so if you find out anything more definite please email us. 🙂

Jennifer on

Sarah, you’ve got the pronunciation listed right its JAY-ah….as I said my husband is Indian and my daughter’s name is Jayna which is similar.

Ann on

Does anyone know what they have been calling the baby these past three months? Just baby? Or have they been calling her Jaya but they still might change it? It’s a nice name but I’m suprised that they hadn’t settled on one for sure yet between 9 months of pregnancy and 3 months after birth. They must really be looking for something special!

Katie on

It’s funny how the pronounciation totally changes my view on the name; love Jay-uh, but not Jye-uh. =)

nina on

it’s pronounced JUH-yah (i’m hindu and my cousin is called jaya)

Jemma on

Actually my 6 month old daughter is called Jaya too but we pronounce it Jye-ah. She had the name from the moment she was born, we had a list of 4 possible names and that was the one that suited her.

It is also one of the names of the goddess Durga and an alternative meaning is “triumph over adversity”. My father’s family lived for 4 generations in India so that’s where we got the name from. We do sing Govinda by Kula Shaker to her a lot!

We didn’t use a Jay-uh pronounciation as it was incorrect and also we have a few friends called Jason who are known as “Jay”.

Cathleen on

That’s a beautiful name, it’s also common in many cultures to wait to name a child till a little bit of their personality starts to show. My friend had a baby name party when her daughter was 6 weeks.