02/15/2005 at 03:56 PM ET

Many of you have noticed that we have turned off comments on the photo page.  I know many of you like the comments but every time we get a nasty or otherwise inappropriate comment, it gives me a little ulcer.   I just don’t need that kind of stress in my life right now.  Sarah isn’t too fond of it either!

I am looking into an authentication service that would require you to register if you want to post a comment.  Hopefully this would turn off the jerks and trolls.  If you know of any besides TypeKey, please email me (use the link under Menu, to the left.)

Incidentally, the CBB Reader Survey that is still going on shows me that I have many readers’ support.  When asked if they would care if we no longer allowed comments, nearly 52% said they wouldn’t care either way.  Nearly 33% said they love reading the comments, while nearly 10% said they love reading and posting comments. 

If you have any particularly strong feelings either way, please voice them by filling out the Survey.  Besides winning prizes, if you want to voice your opinion about the site, please take the Survey!  It helps me figure out what you want.  I can’t gauge it on just a few comments.


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