Britney 'loves buying kids clothes.'

02/12/2005 at 06:34 PM ET

She writes her fans letters on her website, for those who don’t know, and this month she mentioned her stepdaughter. She writes:

5643_1 I haven’t seen Kori in two weeks because I’ve been home in Louisiana with my mom. Hopefully Kori can come here for a visit soon because I miss her so much! I bought her the cutest dresses for Easter and to wear this summer. I love buying kids clothes.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thanks to Giuliana for bringing this to our attention. 😀

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Fiona on

Britney seems like such a nice stepmother. She’s probably trying to fend off baby-itis for a while by watching Kori. Maybe being a stepmother to Kori can help prepare her for motherhood…think she’ll be a good mommy?

Kiki on

I think she will be a great mom. She is very close with her mom and sister. She loves her family. I think her ability as a mother shouldn’t be based on the clothes she wears or the lyrics of her songs. Yes, she’s young, but hey, we all were at one time, right?

tink1217 on

Britney took on alot with marrying Kevin. I think being a step mom will give her alot of confidence about becoming a mother. She is young, but hey, being young doesn’t mean she won’t be a good mom. I just hope she realizes you can’t “buy” their love. All they want is a hug, a kiss, food in their bellies, and someone to be with them and love them unconditionally. And, besides a roof over their heads and other essentials like health insurance, thats all kids really need!

TexasMommy on

Kori must have the most incredible wardrobe of clothing!!! I could do some serious damage with Britney’s shopping budget. Heck, I could do some serious damage with a tenth of Britney’s shopping budget!

Rye on

I am one of the less convinced people on the board I guess…I just think Britney is too immature for marriage in general let alone having her own kids. She obviously needs to grow up a TINY bit more…I mean, it was only a year ago that she got married to a guy and then had it anulled the next day. I just think she might be rushing into the whole marriage situation because she has this perfect ideal of what it will be like…I remember seeing interviews of her when she first came out with BABY, ONE MORE TIME of her talking about how she wants to get married and have lots of kids and stuff…I just think she might have rushed it a little. I am a total skeptic though so don’t mind me at all. She’s my age and I just couldn’t imagine being married and having kids right now and most of my friends feel the same way. Anyways, I hope she finds true happiness and that she ends up getting what she really wants in the end.

Tiara on

i think britney will be a wonderful mom. whis you well mommy

April on

I think that after someone goes through so many things in their life, they want that stability. She’s lived a lot more than most 23 year olds!! I think she’ll be a great mother. It’ll be a scary sight to see her reproducing, but I think she’ll be great. She’s only 2 months younger then me, and I’m married, and I have a daughter. My husband is in the military, so I was forced to kind of grow up. After I got pregnant, my life changed completely. Having step-kids (Not that I have them, but I used to watch my friend’s kids) is completely different then having your own. There’s no giving your kids back. I think she’ll learn as time goes on, but I think she’ll be a good momma. 🙂