Taylor and Natalie Hanson expecting second child?

02/11/2005 at 06:56 PM ET

Taynatwedding004 CBB Reader Susan tells us that Taylor and Natalie will again be hearing the pitter-patter of little feet come April, when they’re expecting their first girl. Son Jordan Ezra is two years old. Photo is from their wedding, June 2002.

Anyone with additional information or confirmation please contact us. 🙂

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annie on

LOL Wow! There’s been quite a lot about Taylor & Natalie lately.

crazy on

Does anyone know how they even met?

Susan on

They met backstage at a concert in 2000. They originally met the day before the show when the band was doing a promotional event with the store Macy’s. Natalie’s friend Kate(who first dated brother Isaac and is now in a 3 year-on and off relationship- with brother Zac) was modeling in the fashion show at the event and met the brothers that way and they invited them to check out the show. The girls are originally from Newnan, GA.

helen on

My cousin is from Natalie Hanson’s home town and they are friends. They had a really romantic story! I’m happy for the news of another baby.

heather on

auh! they’re first son is such a little joy! and they are such hands on parents, they seem very head strong and very smart for their age.. I’m so excited for them. 🙂 What a big family they’re going to share with. lol

Nicole on

It’s nice to see a young couple like myself being such good parents! Yay for them!! =)

KP on

is taylor the middle hanson brother?

crazy on

It is nice to se a young couple who love each other and are financially secure have kids.

Nola on

Are there any pictures of them with Ezra? I’ve seen one–they were on a train and Ezra is so cute.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

There are 2 posts of pics under the Boybands category. 🙂

Fiona on

Sarah, what do you mean?

Sarah, CBB Editor on

I don’t understand what you’re asking. You said you wanted to see pics, but there are already some posted on the photo page, under the boybands category.

Jane on

I think she is asking where the section for the boybands is…

Fiona on

Oh…okay. Thanks, Sarah!

Fiona on

Argh! I can’t access the Photos page! I keep getting “Error…Page”

jacqui on

I can’t see the photos page either! And I can’t find a boyband category anywhere either!?!?

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Sorry, I don’t know what to tell you. If you click the link on the upper left hand side menu, it should take you there.

The Pixie from the Sticks on

Ezra is a great middle name!

MollyMay on

Oh boy….erm… I mean girl…. 😛

Amanda on

wow! they have been through alot its good to finally hear some good news.

Megan on

I do think that she might be pregnant…I wish them the best though.
Hanson rocks!
– Megan –

Mariel on

she is pregnant! they did a radio thing today @ Emory University in Atlanta GA and i was there (since i go there) and she and kate and jessica were standing around and she is definitely pregnant. there are pics on http://forums.hitzrus.net 🙂 i wish her the best of luck with this pregnancy

kacie on

All I can say is THIS SUCKS! Pretty soon all the Hanson’s will be taken! I’m from Tulsa so I always dreamed I’d have at least a 1% chance of being with one of them (I think we all have) But congrats all the same to Tay and Nat!

I know... on

Yes, Natalie is pregnant with the second child. There have been rumors going around that she has already had the child and that it is a girl, but do not believe anything until you hear it come from one of the Hanson’s or if they post it on Hanson.net.

J.L.H. on

I work @ a Babies r Us, and Taylor came in. I asked him if Natalie had the baby yet. He just smiled and said, “Wait and find out with the rest of the world.” With that comment he turned and walked out the door with his bags.

scout on

oh,rad!!i’m a hanson fan from way back,and i was thrilled when i heard about ezra…and now a girl!!yaaaay!!!

Janine on

IT’S A GIRL!!!!! For those of you who haven’t heard, she was born April 19, and her name is Penelope (Penny – CUTE!)

Sarah, CBB Editor on

We have posts going on the main page. Please follow either of these links to discuss. I’m closing this now. 🙂