Should we be adding them to the PregWatch list?

02/11/2005 at 11:58 AM ET

"I’m very close. Very close to being ready to have a child. And Chad – bless his heart – I will say for six years he’s been wanting one."
       -OSCAR-nominated HILARY SWANK insists she could be the next celebrity mom

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Kristen on

How sweet! I think they are a great couple and look forward to their big announcement coming soon, hopefully! It’s nice to see a couple taking their time with such a big decision.

Tiffany on

Aw! I’d love to see a little Hilary Swank. <3

saba on

Hmmm sounds to me that this is what celebrities say to sound good when they actually don’t want to have a baby a la Jennifer Aniston. The people who actually want children don’t talk about it they just do it a la Denise Richards, and announce they’re pregnant.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Great! I love Hilary. I also saw her saying something about this year she’s just turned 30 and wants to ‘get going with the baby thing.’ I think it was on Access Hollywood or one of those shows.

Danielle, CBB Editor on

I kinda agree with Saba. Hilary is in a really great position right now with her career- one Oscar for Boys Don’t Cry, maybe another for Million Dollar Baby. Getting pregnant and having a kid will definitely put a cramp in that. Unless they REALLY want one or it happens unplanned, I’m guessing they’ll wait a few more years.

Aurelia on

Hmm, I don’t know. Look at Kate Winslet, Reese Witherspoon, Uma Thurman, and Cate Blanchett; they all have two kids and still do great work. It’s not as if filming is a regular job – it only lasts 2-3 months and actors typically don’t do more than a couple a year.

Jennifer on

Its funny cause I always figured that maybe Chad and Hilary never wanted to have children. Maybe I’m wrong. If they do want kids then I hope it happens for them.

Lisa on

I hope that is not the case for Hilary and Chad but Saba, I do agree with you there. Most of the celebrities just have children and we found out when they are pregnant, they don’t just talk about having children. How long Jennifer kept on saying that she would have children, that was all I would hear. It got to the point of have them already or just stop talking about them. This is the first that I have heard from Hilary and so hopefully, it’s not a few more years of yes, we will have children.

Erin Walker on

Here’s My “PregWacht”List

Trent Reznor-I think It may happen in the next year,I’m thinking
he’ll possibly marry some music journalist and they’ll annouce it when,whoever he’s married to,is in the 4th month.Of course,he’s going to be 40 May 17th,but he does’nt look a day over 28.

Drew Barrymore-I’m sure she’ll be like what Gwenyth Paltrow did.She’ll annoce her pregnancy and a week later,she’ll Fabrizo(Plays drums for The Strokes-BTW a great band)

Debra Messing-I’m sure she’ll have a sibling for Roman,who,in my opinion,is the cutest star baby.

Erin Walker on

OhI ment to say that Drew will annouce her pregnancy and then marry her dude.

pingpong on

Toni Collette should be added to the pregwatch list – in Aussie interviews she’s very open about wanting a baby.

Cate Blanchett is pregnant with her third child. It’s not in the ‘infanticipating’ list, but it’s pretty old news. Is it going to be added?

Sarah, CBB Editor on

If someone could find something that confirms it, I’d be happy to add it. Thanks for the info!