Beyonce putting off kids after witnessing Solange give birth

02/05/2005 at 12:41 AM ET

Beyonce is now apparently considering putting off being a mother after witnessing the birth of her little sister Solange’s son. After seeing Daniel Jr. come into the world, Beyonce "was so horrified by the pain and responsibility, she’s determined not to follow her sibling’s footsteps until much later."

Ss Beyonce says, "Actually, we were there while she had the baby and I’ve never seen in person the birth of a child – it’s a serious thing! "It’s not something you want to rush into after you see it! You have to make sure you’re ready for that. I’m an auntie and I’m so excited. I can’t believe it."

Thanks Red. And the pic is from Solange and Daniel’s wedding. 🙂


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Heather on

well, considering her sister is a teenager…you’d think she’d take that into consideration, teenagers and childbirth don’t mix very well…JMO!

Heather on

Interesting tidbit, if it’s true….

Sources close to (AG) tell us that Solange’s husband is no where around. Her ex-husband is now speaking out. He told a Houston, TX newspaper yesterday that Matthew Knowles paid him $1 million dollars to marry his daughter Solange and that they could annul the union 30 days after the ceremony. Well, court records show that the couple is no longer together, but he agreed to help raise his child. Solange who is now only 19 years old lives alone with around the clock servants in her $2.5 million Houston, TX mansion.

Rye on

I also heard about that, but wasn’t sure if it was a rumor or not. Some people said that because Solange’s parents and family members are Christian her parents forced the marriage, others said it was just staged for publicity. I don’t really understand the whole “YOU GOT PREGNANT SO YOU MUST NOW MARRY YOUR BABIES DADDY” situation. It doesn’t seem to make sense to me. I mean, I guess it is probably better for the child to have 2 parents, but that is only if the parents are happy in there relationship. Why would it be safe or healthy for a child to have 2 parents married who hate eachother or were forced into it? She is very very young though to be married in my opinion. I am 23 and I haven’t even BEGUN to consider marriage. LOL. 19 seems like a very very immature age to be married with kids. No offense to any members of this page who might have been married young or had kids young. My own father was 18 when I was born (Mom was a cradle robber-she was 26).

Dawn on

I never agreed with the logic that if you’re married you must get pregnant. It’s just not practical. My sister’s ex was a total jerk when they broke up. He claimed in court that my beautiful godson is not even his child and he put her through hell. Imagine being married to that. It would have been worst. Marriage to someone you’re miserable with is not benifical to a child and besides,whose to say someone needs to be married to have a family? Families come in all shapes and sizes,right?

Nicole on

To Heather-
I’m 21 and my son is 10 months old and I’m an excellent mother! Just because someone is young doesn’t mean they can’t be good parents. I really get tired of that stereotype…And this isn’t just my opinion its from experience.

Sarcastic Journalist on

being a parent is hard. I’m 25 and married with a baby. I couldn’t imagine being a teen with a phony marriage and a baby. Doesn’t matter how much $$ one has….

Heather on

I said nothing about Motherhood! my comment was about childbirth!! hence my comment “Teenagers and Childbirth don’t mix very well”

TexasMommy on

lol – this is a funny posting. I remember when my sister had her first and I was totally grossed out. I know “it’s only natural”, but I couldn’t help my gag reflex!!!

cv on

I live far away from my sisters, but my older sister was in town right before my third child was born. In an effort to speed things along (my bp was high, fluid level was low, etc.) they wanted to try to get my labor started “naturally” so they stripped my membranes. Yeeeeooouuucccchh!!! My sister was present and the look on her face while they did this to me said it all!!!! I think it was the best method of birth control ever!

Oh, it didn’t work. The little stinker came out 2 weeks later! 🙂

Anonymous on

Actually, a teenager’s body is more equipped to give birth than an older woman’s body. Your fertility is also at its peak around 19. You have a lower chance of any pregnancy-related health problems and birth defects the younger you are.

bling on

Anonymous is right. Biologically and physiologically, teenagers are much better equipped to give birth than women in their 20’s (and 30’s and 40’s etc).

Teenagers and childbirth are the perfect physical mix. Womens bodies were made that way.

Rye on

Teenagers and childbirth mix in the sense that biologically it works and they are better equipped for it, but the whole teens having to get married because they are pregnant thing is RIDICULOUS!!! I am 23 now and I feel like I myself was just a child when I was 18! I couldn’t imagine having been married so young! I also hate it when the parents push the whole get married because it’s your Christian duty to the child scenario on a teenager. I don’t think you could just shove religious values in someones face who already obviously went and had sex out of wedlock. You have to get married because you are in love not because you made a mistake and your baby needs a father.

cv on

Regardless of how ready a teenagers body may be physically to have a baby, in most cases the person (under 18?) is not emotionally/mentally capable of having a baby. Before I start an uproar…I say MOST not ALL. I was 19 when I got married, 21 when my first child was born (I am 30 now) and I know that I have been a very good mom to my kids, even at a young age. I’m sure there are some even younger moms who feel the same. But having a baby as a teenager, especially when still in school, obviously is not ideal. After 18….well, we’re called adults then. I suppose many 18 year olds can be good parents. My sister in law (from a upper middle class family no less) had a baby when she was 14. My in-laws raise her. So…who knows. Physically ready…maybe not emotionally ready. But not always…

jewel on

We have all drifted away from what really matters. Solange and Daniel did what they had to do to appease the parents and the public. Now whether or not it lasted or the reasons for motive were inappropriate it happened, so lets just hope and pray she wisens up and learns from her mistakes and ignores people like us who criticize without substantial information.

Cattt on

Forget the topic on marrying the father, young girls should never get knocked up to begin with then the topic of marriage will never come up. Go out and get some schooling under your belt, travel, and experience life! Sheez…

mia on

i really dont think teenagers body are better equipped to have a baby than older women. i know its said that a girls body is ready to have babies and give birth at 13 but alot girls in the old days died during childbirth as well b/c their bodies werent ready for it physically, now just b/c you get your period and start releasing eggs dont mean youre ready to start having babies. i know on one show they said most teen girls will have to have a c-section b/c their pelvis isnt mature enough to open all the way up. the notion that younger girl are better equipped also comes from them being young in general but just b/c your young doesnt mean youre in physical good shape my hair stylist is 39 and she is in better shape than me and im 22………basically i think it all depends on the persons body and health age is a factor but not as much as i think our society makes it out to be..jus tlook at the women in other countries

mia on

actually i know quite a few younger girls who babies had birth defects one baby had his intestines formed on the outside of his body! but i thought teen moms babies were more likely to have problems and birth defects b/c you had a growing body that was still trying to get nutrients itself and give nutrients to a growing baby inside them as well(or at least thats what they taught us in health class, maybe to deter us from having sex)…… asked for the labor part all i saw was one birthing video in high school and i swore i would never have kids? talk about effective bc, i dont really like kids and cant tolerate them and know i dont want to struggle to puch one out of me at all…..but my mom and b/f keep hoping ill cahnge my mind its so scary

yonni on

The point is what? I just want to see a picture of the baby..She did what she did, just like Brandy did, and 1,000’s of other unhappy people.

Kat on

That is unsafe having kids at 18 years old! I mean, come on, your a kid yourself !Grow up a little then try for a baby!

Junie on

Well Taylor Hanson’s girlfriend got pregnant at 18. They were married in June 2002, the baby was born in October 2002. You do the math 😉

Jasmine on

Well Solange was to young to get pregnant but it’s her life. I don’t believe that christian thing for a minute though. If they were so christian Beyonce’ wouldn’t dress the way she dresses or sing the songs that she sings. She would be singing gospel are something and she definetly would not be dressed like that. However, that whole wedding thing did have to do with her pregnancy but I think it was to protect their image not for their religion because she already commited the sin of fornication.

jasmine on

I’m postin’ kinda late, but they split and he is now playing football at the University of Idaho.