Page Six's baby blind items-make your guesses!

02/04/2005 at 08:58 PM ET

Any guesses? Oscar winning women who recently had babies include Mira Sorvino, Helen Hunt (could be either for item #1…Mira is 37, daughter is named Mattea Angel, while Helen is 41 and daughter is named Makena’Lei…fits the info given), and Gwyneth Paltrow (my guess for #2, since she did say she had a natural birth…although she was in labor so long that I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a c-section.). Jennifer Connelly and Catherine-Zeta Jones also had babies and were winners in the last few years.  Julia Roberts and Marcia Gay Harden are winners also, but eliminated since they had twins.

1) WHICH aging Oscar-winning actress was less than truthful about her strangely named baby’s birth? The infant was actually born six weeks premature, but the star hid that fact by waiting until her due date to announce the birth . . .

2) WHICH younger Oscar-winning actress is also keeping a baby secret? Although it was announced she had a natural birth, her adorable daughter was actually born via C-section — and she has a scar to prove it.


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Aurelia on

Hmm. Kate Winslet had a C-section with Mia, but didn’t admit it until after Joe was born. But she never won an Oscar; she’s been nominated 4 times though.

I think Helen Hunt for the first one?

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Yeah, that’s true about Kate. I’m glad that they were specific about WINNERS, because the list would have been much longer. 😀

I am leaning towards Helen as well. Although I don’t think Makena’Lei is all that weird…Apple is weirder, but I wouldn’t consider Gwyn “aging.”

Carolyn on

I am going to go with Helen Hunt for the first one as well. I thought it was odd that there was pictures of her in Hawaii at the beach and then a few weeks later, she had the baby. My ob told me not to fly at 32 weeks on.

And definitely Gwyneth for #2. Who has labored for 60 hours in a hospital without having a C? Wouldn’t they send you hoem if you were just not that ready? And what is the big deal about having a C section? It is not how you become one (vaginal, c section, adoption, surrogacy, fertility treatments drugs, etc), it is just that you become a mother.

Jennie on

I think #1 is Julia Roberts?

Jennie on

I take that back – I don’t think it’s Julia

Danielle, CBB Editor on

Why hide that you had a C-section?

Molly on

It’s definitely not Jennifer Connelly for #2…she has two boys, no daughters. Helen Hunt & Gwyneth Paltrow are the 2 I’m thinking, as well.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Yeah, I forgot to say that Jennifer could only be for #1-but she’s not “aging,” so I didn’t think so.

Heather on

Could Courteney Cox be for #1?? her baby’s name is definately Weird!!

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Nope. It could only be the names I listed. The person has to be an Oscar winner. 🙂

Dawn on

Julia Roberts is the first one.
I would say Gwen Paltrow for the second.

Dawn on

Didn’t read that last part about Julia. Okay. My guess goes to Helen Hunt.

Leigh on

1) Helen Hunt — I saw pictures of Mira Sorvino about a week before she had her daughter. Unless she was stuffing pillows under her shirt . . .

2) Gwyneth Paltrow — any respectable medical professional would not allow a labor to go on for over sixty hours. It’s not healthy for the mother or for the baby. I think she’s just still disapointed that she wasn’t able to have the birth she wanted. First time mothers go into childbirth with ‘perfect’ vison and eyes wide shut. I don’t think it ever comes out the way we imagine it will.

Lisa on

It can’t be Kate, even through she didn’t admit it at the beginning about having a c-section she has now and so it wouldn’t be a blind item, it’s open knowledge now. I say it’s Gwyneth. As others have said, no doctor allows a mother go through labour for 70 hours and then makes her have a natural birth. I have given birth to two children and for both, my daughter said if the labour goes on more than 24 – 30 hours, we will perform a c-section.

aaron on

I say HH for the first, Gwyn for #2.
For all the reasons above, but also for another reason…the baby’s weight. She was a rather large baby. She was nearly 10 pounds, and I think that’s probably why it took such a long time for her labor. Gwyneth is tall, but her build is rather small. I doubt her pelvis is all that open. The other thing–in pictures right after the birth, Chris is the parent holding Apple when they are walking around. That would make sense if you’d just had a C-section.
Just my two cents.–Aaron

ami on

#1, Helen Hunt -for sure!
#2, Gwyn-Absolutely, I have four kids , my last two were c-sections, there is no way a Doctor would let an active labor go on that long(60 hrs) without intervening because of the health of the baby.Its too bad, if it is Gwyn that it is looked upon as a “weak” way of giving birth.She has got one of the most beautiful baby girls I have ever seen. By the way doesnt Gwyn seem to be more and more camera intolerant lately, Ive noticed in her later pics that she looks angry plus she is alot thinner too.

Samantha on

1. Julia Roberts
2. Gwyneth Paltrow

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Samantha, #1 can’t be Julia. 🙂 It’s either Mira or Helen…

Anonymous on

#1 I’m sure is Helen – we already knew Mira was preggers when she got married so why would she wait to announce it, plus she looked super pregnant
#2 Gwyneth – her hubby said it was a really rough labor and delivery but it’s sad that she won’t admit it because she can’t change it. But, Aaron, her body shape has nothing to do with her pelvic capacity. I have been told for years that I am tall and have narrow hips and would probably have trouble giving birth but that great elastin kicked in and I gave birth to my son at home, no painkillers, all natural with no interventions.

Nicole on

I don’t think the name Coco is weird. Its been my nickname for years, and I think its gorgeous!

dangermouse on

re 60 hours of labor – it depends if it’s active labor. Details were never given about the stages of Gwen’s labor (eg early stage 1 went for x hours) so it’s completely reasonable for a doctor to allow 60 hours. Technically my labor was over 90 hours. From the moment I started to dilate with the first twinge. But I was only in pain for 30 minutes before the baby was born, because I only had tiny niggles for a few days – I knew things were warming up and the baby would be born, but I wasn’t in active labor.

Also, I can’t remember – I’m not obsessed with celebrities – was Gwen’s child born in America or England? If she was born in the UK … their health policy is different to the US (they’re not so keen to do a c-section – American doctors are notorious, worldwide, for their willingness to cut a baby out) so it’s unlikely to be Gwen if the baby was born in London. If the baby was born in the US, it’s probably Gwen, knowing what US doctors favor.

Canita on

dangermouse, I’m pretty sure that Apple was born in the UK. I remember reading that Gwyn’s family had to fly over and barely made it.

ami on

This is an add-on comment to my my above comments,!-Helen Hunt for sure, #2 Gwyn-Remember!!!Baby Apple was 9lbs!and ?oz.She had to of had a c-section to be in labor that long with a baby that big!

sheknows on

No guesses but just wanted to let Ami know that a 9 lb 11 oz baby isn’t THAT big! And I agree with dangermouse, her labor wasn’t that long…obviously she is counting her early labor when contractions are spaced far enough apart and aren’t that strong. btw, her baby was born in the UK.

Ami, babies are born everyday that are 10, 11, even 12 lbs and they are born vaginally. Women are capable of birthing babies that are larger sized. Trust me! We’ve become so c-section happy in this country and doctors have taken away our belief in ourselves that we can birth naturally. Unfortunately, epidurals make it harder for the baby to decend properly and for the Mom to feel when it is the right time to push therefore making cesaereans more common.

Sorry to go on and on but it just irks me when I hear people say that just because someone had a long-ish labor and a 9 lb baby it must have been a surgical birth. SO not true!

ami on

Well Sheknows: It IRKS me that I am simply expressing MY opinion, and I Dont have to agree with you on this, I have four children of my own, the latter were both c-sections and all my children were between 6-8 lbs.YES, some women are capable of having a vaginal with a big baby butr there are also other factors that take place with a long labot to have to go for a c-section, the Number ! for the Health of the infant.What is your vast experience & expertise on this subject? AMI

ami on

Sorry guys, wrote so furiously I forgot to spell check above :0)

sara on

I can’t believe Gwyneth had a c-section as is afraid to say it!!!!!!!!! She’s bragging about her “natural” birth all the time… Unbelievable!

saba on

everybody remain calm.

ji on

gwyneth for surE

Steph on

I’m going to say Julia for # 1

For # 2 Gwyneth! I read in People magazine that she was in labor for over 70 hours! If anyone remembers Gwyneth origially wanted a water birth at home, Gwyneth probably attemped the water birth but because her labor was so long gwen’s mifwife probably suggested she go to the hospital where they most likely performed a c-section

Virginia on

All I know about this is I’m an American and I had our son in the UK where it is very different to the US.

The midwives don’t get involved all that much and they try to avoid ‘intervention’ as much as possible.

I had an 8lb 13oz and it was my first and I am petite (compared to Gwyn I’m tiny) and they never considered taking me to the operating room. In the end they suggested forceps but they let me suffer for a LONG time.

Everyone I know thought it was outrageous that I had no pain relief and was in the second stage for so long. I did ask for it, but they kept telling me to just hold on a bit more and then it was too late for it.

I also think 60 hours is her total time which could include a lot of the first stage.

Didn’t she have Apple at the Portland Hospital in London? Famous for celeb babies here in the UK and they are a very midwife led team famous for it actually. THere is a reality show about that maternity hospital itself.