Tiger Woods and wife Elin want kids "soon."

02/03/2005 at 04:01 PM ET

Tiger Woods tells People magazine that married life is going great, and that;

Twoods "We’re definitely going to have kids soon. We certainly want to do it, because obviously I’m not getting any younger." (He’s only 29!) "I’d like to have a boy first, then a girl. I like the idea of a big brother taking care of his little sister. I want them to be close in age, too. I want my kids to grow up close."

So keep your ears open for pregnancy news from these two newlyweds!

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Rye on

I hope he has a girl first.

lol on

lol 🙂

Rye on

Haha! Not to sound like a jerk…I only said that cause I hate it when people want a boy first so that he can “PROTECT HIS LITTLE SISTER”. That is just so unbelievably sexist and dumb as an excuse to want a baby to be a certain sex. For some reason, most people want boy babies for that reason, but I think that is just a dumb excuse nowadays. That’s one of my big pet peeves along with people naming there babies JR.

Erin Walker on

Well,who knows.They may get two girls.

Rye on

True. Well, whatever they get, I hope they appreciate them the same regardless of sex. 🙂

Saba on

I agree, I think its better not to have too many expectations of your kids, and let them be who they want to be and forge their own relationships. Much better to just teach them to love and respect eachother and leave the rest up to them as individuals.

Erin Walker on

Have you seen those old home movies of Tiger as a tot making his first golf swing?He looked so cute!

Dawn on

I don’t nessicarily agree with Tiger’s logic. I have two younger siblings,a sister and a brother,and my brother looks out for me and protects me. If they are close in age whose born first won’t even matter. My brother is 22 and I’m 25 and he would threaten to beat up dates and bullies and age was hardly an issue.

becca on

Ditto, Dawn. I had a younger brother who was the same way– I think brothers just take care of their family, period. 🙂 I can’t think too badly of Tiger, though, because the “older brother is best” syndrome is SO widespread… We have a little son, and are expecting our second, and about FIVE TIMES A DAY someone says: “Don’t you hope it’s a little girl, so he can protect her?” (Hee– actually, we’re secretly hoping for a boy.)

Dawn on

I’m always amazed at my brother now. He’s built like a linebacker. Lol. I think the older brother thing is overrated besides I’m the eldest of three and I look out for my siblings. Whether or not they choose to take my advice is there buisness but I try. Besides,my dad always says that we live in a time when girls should be perfectly capable of protecting themselves.

Lyssa on

I had 2 older brothers and 1 younger brother growing up and none of them were protective. I always wanted to play with them and they picked on me. And girls would be my friends just so they could come over and flirt with them.

Dawn on

Lyssa,it happens with younger brother’s too. My sister’s former best friend started hanging out at our house just to get closer to my brother. I’m beginning to wonder if maybe Tiger’s an only child because he seems to have a confused understanding of what siblings will and will not do for one another.

A on

Yes, Tiger is the only child.

Dawn on

Well,that certainly explains his lack of understanding of the brother and sister dynamic. I mean maybe I lucked out or something but my brother tormented me but I know at the same time he’d stick up for me. It’s always fun to hear how an only child views what siblings will do for each other. Lol. They are terminally mixed up most of the time.

A on

Yeah, I grew up with 2 older sisters and my dad is perfectly happy. What is so special about sons?!

Rye on

I don’t understand either. This may seem weird, but I honestly have never met ONE person who has said to me, “I want a girl” I always get “I want boys” or “I’d like a boy and then maybe a girl” or “I’d like a couple boys and then maybe 1 girl”. It’s so weird to me! Little girls are so cute! I used to babysit all the time and I never got 1 good little boy. All the little boys I sat for were terrors but the girls were always angels, well, except for one that was a tad too spoiled. I don’t know if it’s just a backwards way of thinking that is just inbred into our minds that boys are stronger and will possibly bring maybe wealth or power to a family, but I think that is just ridiculous and unfair. If I have kids, I will welcome whatever I have happily, but I can be a little hypocritical and say that I lean towards wanting girls more than boys. lol. 🙂

Dawn on

I have a 2 1/2 year old godson and he’s the best! Anyway,I guess Tiger thinks that an older brother will watch out for a little sister. I hope he gets the order he wants just so that when the older brother puts gum in his sister’s hair he’ll figure out,”Maybe that’s not the way it works.” Lol.

Cristin on

Well, it seems pretty obvious to me that his birth order/gender wishes are just an extension of what he wished he had growing up. Pretty sad.

I can only hope that he matures enough before he and his wife do have a baby to realize that children are not supposed to fulfill our unresolved issues from childhood. They should be loved and appreciated unconditionally regardless!

That said, I hope he has three girls! HA! 😉 And none of them play golf!

Dawn on

Oh,if he gets the order he wants he and his wife are going to have their hands full. Even if he gets a boy first his life will never be the same. The simple fact remains that siblings fight and any child they have will fight and more then likely the older brother he imagines will protect the younger sister will be the one putting frogs in her bed,punching her in the arms and who knows what else.

NJ on

He was probably just talking off the cuff about the older brother/younger sister thing. I think one nice thing about boy then girl (like in my family) is that girls often mature faster, so if the brother is the older one, I think it’s easier for the two to relate then if the brother is younger. But I don’t have a younger brother, so I can’t really compare.

Lisa on

It’s just the way he feels and probably has had that feeling for a while. We can’t fault a person for what they feel. Naturally, if he were to have a girl first, it wouldn’t be the end of the world he would love it just the same.

I remember Jon Bon Jovi years ago saying that when he was going to have children, they will be all boys because God would not curse him and give him any girls. All tongue in cheek and definitely joking but that is what he said. Guess what? his first child was a girl. He completely adores her, she is certainly Daddy’s little girl (after that one girl, he and his wife did end up having three boys)

Rye on

I think what I find even more disturbing is the trend of people naming there kids after the father. Does anyone else find this slightly sexist? I get that a lot of people like to “honor the father” by naming the child after him, but what about the mother? She goes through 9 months of pregnancy and then a painful labor and birth and then the father, who only donates maybe a couple minutes of his time, gets the honor of having a kid named after him???? WHAT THE!?!?! I think women should start naming there kids after themselves more. It’s an odd pet peeve of mine. What do you all think?

A on

I would have to agree. No offense to anybody, but I hate it when people name there sons after the father, aka. Jr. I firmly believe a child needs his/her own name so they can grow up to be what they want to be and not think they have to meet the standards of the person they are named after.

Lisa on

It’s funny that the subject of kids names came up. My husband was actually opposite to other dads. He wanted to name our daughter after me, which we did but then when we had our son, I told him that I wouldn’t mind naming him after him but my husband didn’t like it. So our daughter is named after me but not our son. His name has no bearing on his father’s name.

Rye on

See, I think that is fine. If it’s going to be both ways, then I feel like it’s ok…but, I mean, I know this couple and they just had twins and they named the kid after him but the girl an original name they liked. I just thought that was terrible since the mother went through a horrendous birth with the babies and the baby girl actually almost died. I always wonder if it ever even effects the other kids in the family when there is one kid in there who is specifically named after the parent and then there they are with just a name that the parents liked. As long as it goes both ways and the mother gets her name in there too I guess it’s fine, but I think it’s just boring when a baby doesn’t have an original name. I like how Jewish culture feels that it is bad luck to name the baby after someone living. That is a good way to look at it. If I was with someone who wanted the baby named after themselves I would be a little peeved. LOL.

Dawn on

I’m fine with naming the son after the father. My brother is named after my dad and it worked out fine. His name totally suits him. (My dad at first wanted to name him,Christopher or Nickolis.) Of course my dad always claims he got us in just the order he wanted us. First me,then my sister and finally my brother.

Rye on

Well, I think it’s fine…but, I just wish it was more common for a female infant to be named after her mother too. I give Courtney Cox props for wanting Coco to be named after herself (David is part Jewish and is against naming a baby after anyone living in the family). I just seem to think it’s too much of a sexist ideal for this day and age. Women do just as much as men do now so why should a man be honored by getting his name passed to a child when in fact, it already is since women have to also give up there last name and take his at marriage. It just seems like women get robbed a lot. I’m a total feminist at heart. I’m the only one in my big Born Again Christian family who feels this way or has a feminist type outlook on life. I guess I just feel like women deserve more props for pregnancy and childbirth and it seems like the man gets the honor for some odd reason when all he did was supply the sperm which could have taken all of 2 minutes. WOOOOOOOO…I am ranting. Sorry board members! You all probably think I’m crazy! 🙂

Dawn on

If I ever have a daughter I always wanted to name her,Addison Marie. (My mom’s name is Adeline and her nickname is Addy,but she’d kill me if I named a child Adeline.) My middle name is Marie so that’s about as close as I’d get. Lol.

aaron on

Addison is my brother’s name, and it means “son of Adam”. For me, it’s a boy’s name…off topic, of course.
I think Tiger and Elin will be great parents! They are both quite close with their families….
As an aside, I always think it’s ridiculous when people say, “I want such ans such a gender first”, etc. As if you get a choice!

Alyson on

Well there are ways to make sure you get what sex you want these days! But we are supossed to be talking about Tiger and his wife. I am surprised they are already thinking about starting a family when they just got married!

Rye on

Yes, a lot of people seem to start families very fast. I have a relative who just got married in December and when I last spoke to her back in January she said she wanted to wait a year or 2 before she had kids-well, we just found out yesterday she is preggers! Some people just don’t plan it and it happens, others have to plan like crazy! I just hope they have healthy children and that regardless of gender, they are happy with what they get. 🙂

pingpong on

“Well there are ways to make sure you get what sex you want these days!”

Really, Alyson? You should tell the medical community, or patent those ideas. You might make a lot of money.

Or, if you’re referring to the ‘do it yourself’ methods like timing sex according to ovulation, you probably need to do a little bit more research – those methods have been proven to be ineffective and only give false hope to desperate parents.

Sarah on

My goodness! The reaction to this is amazing! Tiger shares the type of personal info we all think about everyday, and then gets pounced on for it. I can guarantee that any parent who wishes for one sex and then gets a baby of the other is just as elated and estatic. May this couple be blessed with the family they desire.

Anonymous on

Alyson is right. There are genetic labs (I know there is one in Southern California) where they will spin the semen in a centrifuge. I forget which is heavier, the x or y chromosome but the swimmers that are in one part of the tube are XYs and the others are XXs and you can choose the XY for a boy or the XX for a girl. It’s not 100% accurate (more so for a girl than a boy). It costs $$$ but Tiger can certainly afford it.

fauna on

so what if he wants a boy first. Why is everyone so angry about it. I’m sure he would love a daughter the same, he just had a preference. I’m a lot of peoplehave a preference. They just are afraid to state it, now I know why.

ali on

I agree with Fauna. Preferences are fine. I have two sons and I was thrilled when number three turned out to be a girl. Not that I wouldn’t love another little boy, but after two boys it was nice to have some pink in the house.

Alyson on

Thanks Anonymous! That was what I was refering to. Going into the medical buisness myself, I already know the “old wives tales” do not work!! There are labs already out there that can seperate male sprem from female sperm. The process was invented for families to make sure their offspring would’nt get any genetical deffects but people took advantage of it and used the process to get the sex they wanted!

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Having picked up the issue and reading the WHOLE article tonight, the People.com website took that quote out of context-they SPECIFICALLY asked him what he wanted, boys, girls or a mix. I’ll type it up for the site later on, probably.

pingpong on

Actually, according to many studies and research done over the last few years, MicroSort (the process anonymous was talking about) isn’t very effective either. At 70% success they’re not likely to offer you a guarantee that you’ll get the gender you’re paying thousands of dollars for! Also, with MicroSort, you only have a 58% chance of getting pregnant at their most successful clinic, through their IVF process. At their other clinics you have about a 16% chance of getting pregnant. Not very good odds.

piper on

I think 70% is pretty good considering there is never an 100% acuracy rate in anything in the medical world. But besides the point, boy-girl, I just hope they are happy. I wonder if their kids will be a golfing sensation like their dad!

Anonymous on

Yes, I know that my neighbor recently got pregnant and she tried a method her doctor referred to her. It had something to do with ovulation. I think the method is something like, The female sperm is heavier and slower as far as swimming to the egg, so I think for some reason they say that if you want a girl you should try to have sex towards the end of ovulation and for a boy you should try towards the beginning. The male sperm is smaller and faster, but I think it doesn’t survive as long for some reason. I don’t remember the exact rules and such…Anyways, my neighbor isn’t finding out what she has…she has a 5 year old son who, is one of the worst children I have ever been around in my life, so I am crossing my fingers that she gets a little girl.

Erin Walker on

I don’t really care what they have,I just know that kid will be just as cute as Tiger was when he was a toddler.I’m sure you all seen the home videos where’s he’s taking his first golf swing,AWWWWW!He looked so adorable!

Elea on

Poor Tiger probably got completely taken out of context.

But I agree with Rye, i honestly cant understand the male need to father a son. It probably goes back to the whole hereditary thing, when daughters couldnt pass the family name on.

My dad insisted that he only wanted two girls as he thinks boys are little terrors. Incidentally,he got his wish lol!

Also i knew someone who had 4 boys and was expecting her 5th. When i asked if she wanted a girl for a change she said no. She said she was so used to boys she wouldnt know what to do with a girl!

I wonder if Victoria Beckham will think the same thing if she has more boys.

anonymus on

well i have a feeling that she (victoria beckham) will have one more kid because in a vanity fair issue she said that she has 4 stars tatooed onto her for the “kids” and that was before that she had cruz/ was pregnant with him

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Victoria’s tattoos were originally for herself, David, and Brooklyn. She had a fourth star added when Romeo was born, and now I assume she’ll have a fifth.

Erin Walker on

I’m sure his future kids will be very cute like he was when he was little when he learning to golf.Have you seen the picture of him taking his first golf swing?He looked adorable with his little club.

pingpong on

Anonymous, the method you’re referring to is called the ‘Shettles’ method, and it has a 56% success rate according to recent studies. Your neighbour may possibly get another monster boy if she used the Shettles method.

Erin Walker on

Was’nt Tiger cute when he was a toddler swinging that little plastic golf club(awwwww!).I really hate it when people say that Elin is behind why he has’nt won a tournerment in awhile,I mean,I think it a bit boring to see Tiger win just about every game.I say give someone else a chance!

Erin Walker on

And BTW,Tiger is once again No.1,See?Ms.Elin did’nt “dampen”his spark any.I belive marriage and family will make Tiger a better golfer than he’s ever been.

Jane on

I wonder if they will be annoucing their pregnant soon – It would cool.

meg on

tiger’s game didn’t go bad after he got married and i think that is soo great. I’m happy for him and i hope he gets his boy first