Kobe Bryant rape accuser now married and pregnant

02/03/2005 at 03:58 PM ET

People.com reports that Kobe Bryant’s accuser came to court for the civil case Wednesday with a visibly pregnant belly and her ‘nervous’ husband on her arm. She declined to comment after court let out for the day.

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April on

I wonder if her new husband is the guy she slept with after Kobe? You know how they found a second mans semen in her or on her leg…I wonder if it’s him? Hmm…??

Cathleen on

This is a tough one. I can’t stand cocky celebs and athletes that think they can do whatever they want, but I never really trusted this girls story. To many wholes in it (I’m a courttv nut!)

Yonni on

Kobe should have kept his thing in his pants, but at the same time she knew what she was doing. I don’t beleive her story for a minute. I still think he is foul though. His wife is gorgeous, and you just go and have sex with anyhing.

Anonymous on

I think they’re both despicable.

Erin Walker on

I seriously hope this brigade about Kobe is the final wake-up call to all athletes who think their personal buissness won’nt be public knowledge.

JoeMac on

I agree with the poster who said that both Kobe and his accuser are despicable. And they are reckless opportunists. I know if I had a wife as beautiful — and as TOLERANT — as Kobe’s, I certainly wouldn’t be cheating on her. Kobe got way too drunk on his celebrity status and thought he could get away with anything. But then came the hangover, and he got his ass KICKED, if not directly by his accuser in court, then by the damage done to his “good boy” reputation and the loss of millions of dollars in endorsements. He’ll never make this up.

As for the girl, she really took her time jumping back into the sack, didn’t she? If she was truly as violated, torn up and traumatized by Kobe as she claims, I’d think she would’ve taken a bit more time before getting down and naked again with anyone. Showing up in court pregnant with a guy on her arm totally destroys any credibility she might have otherwise had.

None of this adds up.

Dawn on

I always say that if the “rape” was so traumatizing then why did she jump into everything so darned fast? The fact is what really destroyed her credibility was not that she showed up pregnant but the fact that prior to getting pregnant,when the D.A. was pursuing the criminal charges,she refused to testify in the criminal case. She didn’t drop her civil suit. From the beginning this has been a case of dollar signs and oppurtunity. Normally,I wouldn’t knonk a woman for taking that chance but to almost destroy a person’s life and his family because you want that pay out is disgusting. Another thing that killed it was the medical examiner in Colorado wouldn’t even back up the prosicution’s theory about how the two seaman samples were found in the rape kit,supposedly some kind of gross cross contamination,and for all those reasons this woman looks like an oppurtunist who for all we know was planning to extort money from Kobe Bryan.

Cristin on

First of all, it’s spelled semen, not seaman.

Secondly, to JoeMac, so…a woman who is raped is not allowed to have another relationship, fall in love and have a baby?? Do tell what is the appropriate waiting period for a woman to get on with her life after she’s been raped. I don’t get how that ruins her credibility?!

I suppose the only way a rape victim is credible is if she has led a pristine, virginal life? It’s a shame that women are still being held to some archaic double standard devised by our patriarchal society.

Dawn on

To Cristin,
No,that’s not it at all. We’re not saying she has to be saintly but the fact of the matter is she was found with two seman samples in her rape kit and one was 24 hours after the supposed rape. She refused to testify in court in the criminal trial,after the state of Colorado spent millons,but continued the civil suit. Let’s be fair half of the women reading this,if sexually assaulted,would rather pursue a criminal prosicution if they were assaulted in the way she claims she was rather then waiting for a pay off.