Dave & Carmen say "No baby yet!"

02/02/2005 at 03:00 PM ET

Dave just told People Magazine:

Bgm160504a_07 "My wife and I are looking forward to having a child, however, she is not pregnant right now-Let’s nip that in the bud. We want kids, but we aren’t pregnant." Carmen immediately replied: "I’m ready," causing Dave to say, "She says she’s ready, then she gets a gig and she’s gotta fly out somewhere." But Carmen says, "It’s one of those things that you just make it work. There are things that you can do, even while I’m pregnant. I can still work. If you try to plan it, you’ll never find the right time. That’s what everyone always tells me. You just gotta do it."

I’m placing a bet on her being pregnant within the year! 😀


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tink1217 on

I hope she is, I could have sworn she looked PG in that pic on E Online (the one of her and Kid Rock). She definitely had a tummy bulge. Dave and Carmen would make beautiful children!

kate on

I think she was pregnant and possibly miscarried-she has looked pregnant on several occasions within the past 6-9 months. She was wearing loose fitting outfits-and she NEVER did that before!

Lisa on

Dave just did a concert recently where other artists performed. Cameron danced on stage in a skimpy outfit and she didn’t look pregnant at all. Really fit.

Lisa on

Thank goodness. I think they would be awful rolemodels for a child…anyone ever see thier reality show? Man, some people should just not have spawn.

crazy on

They weren’t THAT bad. I mean sure they have their little quirks but to say that they should not spawn, thats really mean.

Anne on

spawn? good grief, Lisa, we are talking about a child here. Let’s try to use respectful terms. They seem to be in love and seem like they would be fine parents.

I look forward to their pregnancy announcement soon!

Jacks on

I actually like Dave & Carmen after seeing their show. They’ve both overcome a lot & I believe that they’re really in love and, therefore, I can’t wait for them to have a baby (or babies :D)! Isn’t it nice to see a couple in love, ready, and wanting a child?

Annette on

I can’t wait til these 2 have kids. They’re so cute together and they’ll produce little rocker babies.

Kiki on

Lisa- That is a horrible thing to say. They obviously love each other very much and they want a baby. Who are you to say who is a good role model or not? Good luck to them. They are both very intriguing and charismatic. I wish them the best.

Magda on

Whoa. People on here are so sensitive…geez. Let people express their opinion. HOLY…

Anne on

uh, we are expressing our opinion, Magda, and our opinion is that Lisa using the term “spawn” in regards to a baby is rude and uncalled for.

Sorry Sarah and Danielle, I guess I’m just sick of seeing these kinds of negative, rude comments from people.

Danielle, CBB Editor on

While I may not agree with Lisa’s use of “spawn,” there is nothing wrong with someone saying they don’t think someone would make a good parent. Just visit the Britney Spears posts.

Don’t be so quick to jump on someone’s comments. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

I’m closing this post to comments because I can feel it escalating.