OJ's daughter Sydney Simpson arrested

01/19/2005 at 10:36 PM ET

4_8 MIAMI, Florida (AP) — O.J. Simpson’s 19-year-old daughter was arrested after she refused to stop yelling at officers who had been summoned because of a fight outside a basketball game involving her old prep school, police said.

Sydney Simpson was charged Saturday with resisting arrest without violence after she slapped an officer’s hand while being taken in.

Two teenage girls told police that Simpson hit them in the face, but they declined to press charges, authorities said. CNN

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E on

How sad… she has issues.

Heather on

wouldn’t You have issues if you were living with your father…the same guy that Murdered your mother??

Ashley on

I agree, Heather. She’s gotta have issues seeing as OJ murdered her mother. UGH…the issue still makes me sick!

Anne on

Those poor kids! I figured they would be pretty messed up because their Dad killed their Mom. I’ve wondered how they can reconcile that in their heads–I mean, I’m sure that OJ still denies it but they have to know the truth, ya know?

I hope that Nicole’s side of the family has had a positive influence on raising them.

She must be so angry and obviously has seen a lot of violence from her Dad growing up.

Johnetta on

She will be just like her DAD if she don’t get help for that anger now.
O J is a piece of crap.

lena on

mmmhmmm sounds like she’s a lot like her daddy. As a blogger or two said earlier “she has issues” and “has seen a lot of violence growing up”. I would like to add had she been raised by her mother’s family she might not have turned out this way. This is NOT the first time this girl has been in trouble for her actions or her mouth. She is obviously very affected by her father’s influence…and not for the best…”the sins of the father” HAVE “been visited upon the daughter” and it’s very very sad.

Cindy on

How incredibly sad. She is bound to have anger issues with the temper her father has, as well as the trauma she experienced when she was young. I agree that pressing charges wouldn’t help, but I do hope she can get some counseling instead.

Non of Yo Biznez on

You white folk get on my nerve …. Will you ever get over it and move on? Gee Whizzz… Now imagine that… that feeling you feel is just a touch of how it feels to be black living in a racist society…. The injustice that you feel is HOW WE FEEL MOST OF THE TIME!!!!

Becca G. on

Stop talking smack about Sydney’s parents. For over 12 years this is all she hears, leave her alone. Do ya think she might want to be known as someone other than the girl whose mom was killed by her dad?! Have a heart America!!!!!!

juan on

what does simpsons daughters think about their father. do they think that he had anything to wiyh the murder

A on

i dont think its necessary to put that comment at the begining,

just because her dad is a jerk, dosent mean she is anything like him, from what i have read she dosent even speak to him now because of what he did to her mother

maxine on

I think this type of story does not belong in this website, it should be for babies and children and celebrites, OJ and his daughter are neither.

Natasha on

Yeah, can’t help but be messed up. Which is probably why the officers refused to press charges against the kid.

coolgirljam on

Anne, Ashley and Heather, you would have issues too if everyone around you thinks and whispers that your father was your mother’s murderer.The DAMAGE to this girls family is irreparable and comments like yours are exactly why.Who do you think you are? Where you there that dreadful night? STOP making comments about what you think of what you REALLY DONT KNOW. These children have seen and heard more than enough and they certainly do not need to be reminded of it.