Damon Dash marries longtime girlfriend after getting groupie pregnant

01/19/2005 at 11:07 PM ET

Untitled_9 DAMON Dash is now a married man. The CEO of Roc-A-Wear secretly wed his longtime and long-suffering girlfriend, Rachel Roy, over the holiday break. Roy, the mother of Dash’s two children, Boogie and Ava, gave him an ultimatum after "one of his groupies gave birth to another son, Lucky, in December," our source reports.

Dash and Roy have dated for years — although most New York women wereunaware. "He has a ‘family’ loft in TriBeCa and a ‘singles’ loft acrossthe street where he would go with women he picked up," the sourceadded. Dash has now promised to stay faithful to Roy.


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annie on

He marries the girlfriend after knocking up a groupie? Maybe because the girlfriend has more of his babies… If the groupie had given birth to triplets, she would’ve had precedence over the girlfriend.

cyndi on

Boogie? Lucky? Are they having puppies, or children?

Marlee on

I heard Damon Dash maintained two homes – one for his “family” – the woman he just married and her kids and one for his other women…

Not so unusual, except for the fact that the apartments are ACROSS THE STREET from one another! Talk about an easy booty commute.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Yeah, if you clicked the link to read the rest of the article, it says he has two seperate lofts in TriBeCa. Craziness!

Danielle, CBB Editor on

Ava must be thanking her lucky stars she got a normal human name.

Shannan on

Wasn’t he the late singers Aaliyah’s boyfriend at the time of her death. I had no clue how shady he is.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Yes, he was. Unless Aaliyah was another woman on the side? I think they were public though.

C on

Rachel is only the mother of Ava who is 4. Boogie(Damon Jr.) is 12 and is mother Linda Williams is currently battling with Damon for full custody.

Raine on

I found some pictures of Ava Dash on the internet. If you want see them just go to gettyimages.com click Editorial, then under Search type in Ava Dash

sandra on

I feel bad for his wife, becasue once a dog always a dog.

Lisa on

Hey guess can we chill with the slang again…

Yonni on

Ughh.Okay Ava is 4, Aaliyah dies in 2001, which was 3 ½ years ago…hmmmm….I heard that when Aaliyah died he had custody of his older son, but I guess Ava was a baby at the time. I guess stranger things have happened. That groupie chick was smart to name her baby “Lucky”. His name should be “Lucky Paycheck for life Dash.” Men like him disgust me. Wrap your little thing up…He is about as unappealing as Jermaine Dupri.

Tina on

Let me see if I got this right. You have one baby with him. He gets a groupie pregnant and then you give him an ultimatum about marriage. And he still maintains a seperate loft so he can still do whatever the hell he pleases. Mrs. Dash, are you not afraid of HIV/AIDS and all the other STD’s running around out there. Get a grip. HOLD ON BECAUSE YOU ARE IN FOR A RIDE.



baby on

they werent engaged.they jus talked about gettin married. thats all. i think if theyd had gotten married he would have done aaliyah wrong. although they really seemed inlove.

somebody on

Thank God Alyiah (sp?) never married him. Now I wonder if she really was pregnant when she passed away.

shannon on

Does anyone know what ethnicity rachel roy is? It is such ashame what damon has done im not perfect but damn damon no condoms with a Groupie? your really asking for a DISEASE

Mocha on

Her nationality is Indian and Dutch her dad is Indian and her mom is Dutch.

shona on

I don’t think he & Aaliyah were going to get married. It probably was brought up in conversation. He never gave her a ring, nothing was official. Then when she passed away he sat up there on tv and tried to gain some limelight by claiming to have been engaged to her. He’s pathetic. I know her parents just had to be disgusted.

lilkunta on

CBB correct the post.
Linda Williams is Damon Jr’s mom.
Rachel is Ava’s mom. Ava was born Dec 99.

So where is this groupie now? Where is the baby ‘Lucky’ ?

csc on

Since Boogie/Damon Jr is his son with Linda shouldnt this post be corrected?

Its interesting to see this post ( I guess this if from whenyou firrst started) in comparison with the posts CBB has now.

Myranda on

I think Aaliyah loved Damon very much. I know that Damon misses her, but Aaliyah would have been done wrong by Damon and she doesnt deserve that…Nobody does.

sandra on

his broke ass nigga