Mary-Louise and Billy leave differences at the door

12/29/2004 at 05:15 PM ET

Bcrudup_2 After a bad breakup two months before their son was born, Mary-Louise Parker and Billy Crudup are now working together to raise their 1-year-old son William.

The pair, who dated for eight years, remain estranged but have put a hold on their differences – and kept custody issues out of court. It’s "for the sake of the baby," Parker’s rep tells PEOPLE.

So much so that Parker planned to bring William to Texas to visit with Crudup and his father.

"It was a gesture of solidarity on her part," says a Crudup friend. "They are figuring out a way to coexist."

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Anonymous on

Good for them! Very big on her part considering what a cad he is for running off with a younger woman when she was, what, about 8.5 months pregnant? Bless her, I would not be so forgiving. I hope he knows how lucky he is that she’s letting him be a part of that little boy’s life.

Sarah on

Yeah, I also thought it was pretty crappy of him to start dating Claire. Especially since he and Mary-Louise planned the baby, it’s not like the pregnancy was some surprise and he was planning on leaving her anyway.

Mary-Louise got her digs in though. She calls him Atticus (his middle name) and gave him her last name, LOL. Good for her!

magda on

Wow. I respect much more…she is a good actress though especially in “Anegls in America”. I liked him in some movies but since he left her, I don’t. What an ass…and he must hear it all the time…good!!!! Who does that? You need to be REALLY heartless to leave a women you dated for 8 years and that was 8 months pregnant.

Annette on

It’s not the baby’s fault that his father is such an ______. (Pick your expletive of choice to fill in the blank). She’s a much bigger person than he ever will be.

amanda on

It is so important for couples that are estranged to work out their differences for their babies sake! It is so important early on in life!

Shihoko on

This means they continue their relationship as “Parents of their son, Atticus,” not return to Lovers, doen’t this? (I am Japanese and sometimes I cannot understand such kind of things… sorry!)
I think this is a right thing for their son’s life, too.

Dawn on

Yes,it means they’ll work to raise their son together. I mean it was scummy of him to dump Mary Louise for Clarie like that but you’d have to think there was something fundimentally wrong with the relationship to begain with. Anyway,let’s just hope Mary Louise’s gesture of good faith and solidarity is returned and Billy finally starts being a father to their little boy.