Does anyone have any photo requests?

11/18/2004 at 12:10 PM ET

I’m closing the post to allow us to get caught up. Thanks for understanding.


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kristen on

John and Elaine Mellencamp”s two son’s Speck and Hud.

dbarn on

I’d love to see pics for Mary Lou Retton’s 3 daughters.

Steph on

It’d be brilliant if you could post some pictures of Natasha Hamilton and her new baby Harry. He’s so tiny and sweet-looking and Natasha has never looked happier. Please!

heather on

I have never seen photos of Eric Clapton’s 2 little girls….

dbarn on

I have found some pictures of royalty on Rex Features. You kind of have to know the kids names. For instance, I found Earl Spencer son Louis by typing Viscount Louis or Lady Sarah Chatto; Lady Helen Taylor etc
Also, getty images has pics of sports personalities when you go to sports and type in family, son, daughter, wife husband etc. Some pics are small but they have a good amount. Getty also has good pics of royalty. Here are the links:

Cajsa on

Do you have more pics of Lily Beckisale, Gemma Bell and Carys Douglas?

Mary on

Do you have any pictures of Toby Keith’s children ?

April on

I would love to see some pictures of Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow. I have tried to find some on the internet but I haven’t found any so far. Can you guys help? P.S. I love this site!!!

Andi on

Are there any pics of the pregnant Amanda Tapping (Stargate SG-1) out there?

ansar on

cud anyone show me eminems daughter , haileys photos?preferably with eminem holding her

Scarlett on

I would like to see more pictures of David Boreanaz and son. I would also like to see CHarisma Carpenter and her son.

Jenn on

I would like to see Stephen Spielberg’s kids and Mel Gibsons I hear they have very large families

Anonymous on

I’d love to see Kirk Cameron’s children (I understand they have 6 kids under the age of 9).

Chelle on

I would LOVE to see pictures of Jon Stewart and his son Nathan, also pics of Kelly Ripa with her kids would be great!

Rye on

I would like to see pictures of James Denton’s (Desperate Housewives)son Sheppherd and also find out when his wife is due with there 2nd child. Also would love to see pictures of Patricia Arquette and Thomas Jane’s daughter.

Starz on

Any recent ones of Eminem’s little girl Hailie Jade..that would be awesome!

Scarlett on

I heard James Marsters from Buffy and Angel has a son. I am curious to see what he looks like

Jess on

Please, any of the following…

Roxanne Dawson (2 girls)
Robert Duncan McNeil (3 boys)
Laura Innes (1 boy, 1 girl)
Alex Kingston (1 girl)
Kate Mulgrew (2 boys)
John de Lancie (2 boys)
Robert Picardo (2 girls)

Thank u!!!

Mara on

Have you got any pics of Marc Anthony and his kids Arianna, Christian or Ryan?
I would really want to see them.

Mary on

I would like pictures of Shannon Sharpe’s children. Also, is Mekhi single, taken, with/without children?

Sarah, CBB Editor on

I have some of Marc’s kids. For the person asking about pics of Julia pregnant, there are some at the bottom of this page

I’m sorry that I’m being slow with photos but I just got back to college and am focusing on that right now. πŸ™‚

Kathryn on

Hey does anyone have any photos of Matthew Fox’s kids? He has a daughter named Kyle and a son named Byron.

Rachel on

I’d love to see pix of the following celebs and of course, their kids:
-Rosie O’Donnell’s kids
-Veronica Webb’s daugther Molly
-Rachel Campos’ kids
-Dan Cortese’s kids
-Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s son Michael
-Cynthia Daniel & Cole Hausser’s child
-Phil Collins’ little boys
-Sarah McLachlan’s daughter India
-David James Elliot’s son Wyatt
-Laura Dern & Ben Harper’s kids
-Caroline Corr’s kids
-Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece & Marie-Chantal Miller’s kids (esp. newborn Odysseas)
-Alexandra Miller’kids (d:Talita & s:Tassilo)
-Christopher O’Donnell’s kids

More pix (please) of:
-Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter Apple
-Kelly Ripa’s kids
-Christy Turlington’s daughter Grace
-Cindy Crawford’s kids
-Lori Loughlin’s girls
-Patricia Heaton’s boys

Also it’d be terrific if you could get recent pix of pregnant celebrities such as Elisabeth Hasselback,Alison Sweeney and Jade Jagger.

Thanks so much! I truly appreciate the effort.

Rachel on

Hi again,

Okay so I know that I just posted a very long request. But I realized I forgot to include that I’d also like to see Josie Bissett & Rob Estes’ kids.

Alright I think that’s it – for now anyways πŸ™‚

Thanks again!!!


Lisa on

I would like to see a section dedicated to pics of us pregnant and our babies pics? Ever thought about doing a section just for that?

Crystal on

They aren’t babies anymore but I’d love to see pics of Gillian Anderson’s daughter Piper who’s 10 now and I have never seen Alex Baldwin & Kim Basinger’s daughter Ireland before.

Incredible site, it’s awesome!

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Julie, I haven’t seen ANY-you have access to the same agencies I do, so I’m sure we’d have found them by now if they were out there…

Crystal, that’s been requested like 5 times, so I’m looking. No luck so far, but I will keep searching.

And I posted a pic of Ireland on the old site, but it got lost in the site changeover. I’ll repost.

Thanks for the compliments!

Luna on

I’d like to see pics of:

– Veronica Webb’s daughters
– Stephanie Seymours kids
– Cynthia Nixons kids
– Kate Moss’daughter
– Solange’s son
– Leatitia Casta’s baby
– Angela Lindvalls pregnant/ son
– Benjamin Bratts daughter
– Holly Robinsons kids
– pregnant Nicole Ari Parker

I love this site!!!!

Callie on

I’d like to second (or third) the requests for Lori Loughlin’s and Faith Hill’s girls, as well as for Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas’ kids, especially Carys.

I’d also love to see photos (or more photos) of…
-Thandie Newton’s girls
-Martina McBride’s girls
-Matthew Lillard’s girls
-Angie Harmon and Jason Seahorn’s daughter Finley
-Lance Armstrong’s kids
-Kristian Alfonso’s (Days of Our Lives actress) son Gino (I don’t know if pictures of him have ever been released)

Great site, btw! πŸ™‚

Marilyn Aborub on

Does anyone know if Suzy Amis’ and John Carpenter’s baby (which was due to be born in September 2002 or 2003) was a boy or a girl? What is his/her name? I haven’t heard anything. I know they have one daughter together named Carol but she’s older than the baby that was due as described above. Thanks.

Marilyn Aborub on

Regarding the last e-mail, sorry that should have read James Cameron, not John Carpenter.

Kris on

More of Conan O’Brien’s baby girl.
Any of Jon Stewart’s baby.
More of Kate Moss’s daughter.

zeezee on

I’d like to see Patricia Arquette’s grown son (I think he’s 18?) and baby daughter if possible.

Rachel on

Pix of Lauren Holly’s boys would be great!



Annie on

Kristie Yamaguchi’s daughter

yvonne on

I Would love to see a photo of Amy Acker and her new baby.

Katheryn on

Mary-Louise Parker’s son Atticus!
I’ve looked everywhere and haven’t found any, but I’m hoping you have resources I don’t . . .

Porter on

I would like to see some pictures of Laurel Holloman and her daughter Lola. I’ve looked everywhere but can’t find any photos. If you have any of her pregnant too that would be great! πŸ™‚

Dianne on

I’ve never seen one photo anywhere of Shania Twain’s son. Guess she has him under lock and key!
Keep an eye out for more of Paul McCartney’s Beatrice.
I have some photos of older singers and their kids-James Taylor (Sweet Baby James) and Carly Simon’s kids Sally and Ben (grown up) and James’ little twins by his 3rd wife. Think they are about 3-4 now (and carried by a surrogate mom).

Lane on

hi! I would ove to see more pictures of Jude Law’s 3 children and jennie Garth’s 2 daughters.

kbrown on

Elisabeth Hasselbeck
Sara McLachlin

Nicole on

I’d love to see:

Kate Moss’s Daughter Lila Grace(love that name!)

Patsy Kensit and Liam Gallagher’s son(think his name is Lennon?)

Ali on

I would love to see more pictures or Reese Witherspoon and Deacon and Ava.

bab on

What about Carla Bruni (model) and Raphael Enthoven (philosopher)’s baby?

Lavender on

I would love to see more pictures of Madonna’s kids.

I loved the pics of Elle that you put up recently!

Elle on

would love to see some photos of Chris Cornell with either of his daughters- Lily and Toni…
many thanks for the photos of Ed Vedder and his daughter. They were great! Finally got to see what she looks like! THANKS and LOVE this site!!!!!!

Jessica on

I wonder if you can post more Pictures of Indiana Affleck Phoenix, If you have any.
Also the Link summer and casey doesnΒ΄t work=(
thanks for great site.

Cher on

Please post pics of celebrities wearing their babies in slings and/or front carriers.

Tammy on

How about some pics of celebrities breastfeeding? I know that isn’t a popular item but what is more natural than a mom breastfeeding her baby? I think breastfeeding pics are so beautiful.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Tammmy, there is one of the site of Monica Belluci breastfeeding Deva. We had one of Helen Hunt feeding her daughter, but Helen asked us to take it down, so I’m a little wary of posting those pics in the future. I haven’t seen any breastfeeding photos except those two anyway.

Casey, thanks for that pic. πŸ™‚

heather on

beatrice mccartney, of paul mccartney and his wife heather mills. I know I saw one photo or two.. they are hard to find, but i know someone might know. Also there are a lot more jude law and sadie frost’s kids here: the best site ever!

Rachel on

I’ve been trying to locate pictures of Karenna Gore Schiff’s kids but have been unsuccessful. Do you or does anyone have any?

Courtney on

Could you put up some of actor Jason Wiles’ children? Their names are Georgia Blue (3) and Wilke Jackson (6 months). Jason plays Bosco on the t.v. show, Third Watch.

Charlotte on

great site! πŸ™‚ i would love to see pics of Lisa Kudrow’s son Julian, and like always, it is great to see pics of Coco, but you do a GREAT job at keeping her updated!

Charlotte on

sorry for the re-post, but one more request!! if it is possible (and I doubt it is…) I would LOVE to see pics of Marta Kauffman’s (Friends creator) three kids, Sam, Hannah, and Rose Skloff. thank you again!

Jenna on

I really would like to see pictures of Gwen Stfani’s (sp) Step Daughter daisey lowe

kelly on

Does anyone know where i can find a photo of philip michael thomas’s baby girl? He’s the main actor from Miami Vice played as Tubbs.

scarlet on

I’d love to see photos of Reese Witherspoon pregnant πŸ™‚

Sarah, CBB Editor on

There aren’t any. People pleeeeaaasseee stop asking for Solange or Julia’s babies. There are none, and I just have to delete the comments, LOL.

there’s a pic of her pregnant with Deacon if you click on her name! She’s wearing a pink skirt and top.

carter on

I would like to see picts. of Regina King, Tachina Arnold, Tisha Cambell, Vince Carter, Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudro children. The first three I am really interested in.

dbarn on

Wayne Gretzky & Janet Jones kids. I think
they have 4 or 5.

laura on

Very great site! I just would like to see more old and new pictures of jaden rayne boreanaz, is david boreanaz son and his 2nd child if he will arrive because he want to have a baby in 2005!

Lorie on

I’d really like to see a picture of Allison Adler. Please?

heather on

I would love to see photos of eric clapton’s kids and photos of mark walberg’s little girl. thanks!

Desi on

I would like to see pics of lisa marie presley 2 kids.

Chasity on

I would like to see pictures of Lauryn Hill’s children, Erykah Badu’s children, Solange Knowles’s son, Stacy Dash’s son & recent pictures of Shar Jackson’s children.

Justine Johnson on

I would really like to see a Picture J.K. Rowling’s children.

Alyson on

I would like to see a picture of the people who developed this site. I looked everywhere for pictures of celebrities with their children and finally came upon to this site. Thanks for the hard work and dedication!

littlebleubird on

Pics of Flynn and Cy Busson (Elle Macphersons boys) would be nice πŸ™‚ There havent been new pics of them since mid last year though.

Alex on

I would like to see pectures of:
-Maya and Levon Thurman-Hawke
-Clara and Esther McGregor (I know that’s hard! )
-Isabella and Conor Cruise
-Kai Dugan and Stellan Bettany
-Lily Sheen
-Rafferty, Iris and Rudy Law.
-Cy and Flynn Busson
-Natasha, Lev and Maksim Bure.
Thanks in advance, and thanks for this great site.

Anya on

Please Please post 2004-2005 pics of Lauryn Hill and of her three kids. I am such a big fan of hers. I have searched many sights and haven’t gotten any luck. Thank you

TexasMommy on

Would love to see photos of Jennie Garth’s daughters, Luca Bella and Lola.

Martin on

more british people

Alyson on

any recent pics of Full House’s twin boys Nicky and Alex whose real names are Dylan & Blake Tuomy-Wilhoit?.

desi on

I would like to see Lisa Marie Presley 2 kids. And Sean Penn 2 kids. Thank You in advanced.

Vick on

I would like to see pectures of:
– Cassandra (Charlie Sheen’s daughter)
Thanks, Vick – Brazil

Kate on

All three memebers of Blink 182 have kids…I would like to see pictures of them if you had any. Also the singer/bass player, Mark’s wife Skye is part owner of

Vick on

I would like to see pictures of:
– Ireland Eliesse(Alec Baldwin’s daughter)
– Sasha Mitchell’s children (I know that’s hard)
– Kirk Cameron’s children
Thanks, Vick – Brazil

Nygirl on

Hey I would like to see some new pics of salonge knowles. I would really Appreciate this.

Julie on

Porter – The website has a couple of great pix of Laurel when she was pregnant. You can find stills from Season 2 of the show. (Btw, no pics of baby Lola, and God knows how hard I’ve tried to find some!!!)

Carolyn on

Jason Lee and his family, despite the terrible anme of his kid!

Alyson on

Maybe I making this up, but didn’t the lead singer of Matchbox 20, Rob Thomas’ wife have a baby?

toi on


TOI on


ashley on

Would love to see more pics of Kate Moss’s daughter and Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas’s kids. Also, Liz Hurley’s son, please. Thank you!!

ashley on

And of course, as much Apple Martin as possible! She is adorable!

tammy rivera on

i would like to see more pix of Solange Knowles’ baby, and doesn’t singer Monica have any kids???

kristin on

i would love it if you could post more pics of eddie murphy’s kids and some more of vanessa williams kids.thanks ^_^

Tena on


Rob has a son. His name is Maison Avery Williams Thomas [Kerry Williams is Maison’s mother]. Maison was born on July 10, 1998 He and Marisol have said that they are planning a family but do not have a child together, yet!

ariana on

snoop doggs children and dame dash’s beautiful kids

heather on

doesn’t antonio sabato jr. & virginia madsen also have a son? I saw that the only pic you have posted is of his daughter? Did he have her with virginia madsen as well?

q on

I would love to see a photo of Shar Jackson’s oldest Donovan (Donnie).

Dianne on

Emeril Lagasse (a middle aged fella) has a newborn daughter Meril and little EJ. He was showing photos of them on Good Morning America. Love to have them on this site. : )

Lucy on

Thanks for a great site I hit everyday. I’d love to see the following celebrities with their children:

Phoebe Cates (Owen and Greta)
Josie Bissett (Mason and Maya)
Kirk Cameron
Elisabeth Shue (Miles and Stella)
Karenna Gore

Martin on

picturs sarah beeny pregant and with her child

T L's Mum on

I would love to see photos of Solange Knowles’ baby and husband…I see the two from her pregnancy, but am dying to see the baby…

Mari on

CAn you please add pictures of Brian Austin Greene and Vanessa Marcil’s son, Kassius? Thanks

April on

I would love to see some pictures of Chris O’Donnell’s three kids and Matthew Lillard’s two daughters Addison and Macey.

Isaac on

Please please please- I am desperately trying to find pictures of Meg Matthews and Liam Gallaghers daughter Anais! Epecially the one of her on Primrose Hill last year in a really cute tu-tu!

Vick on

– I would love to see some pictures of Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow. I have tried to find some on the internet but I haven’t found any so far. Can you guys help? P.S. I love this site!!!
– Kirk Cameron’s children (I understand they have 6 kids under the age of 9).
-Dan Cortese’s kids
– Sasha Mitchell’s children (I know that’s hard)
– Cassandra (Charlie Sheen’s daughter)

Thanks, Vick – Brazil

Tracy on

Any more of Sydney & Justin Simpson as they look now?


Danielle, CBB Editor on

There are NO photos of Solange Knowles’ son- please stop asking for them!

Holly Metcalf on

I would like to see a few more pictures of Jada Pinkett Smith with Willow

laure on

I’d love to see a picture of solange knowles’s baby Daniel!

sarah watkins on

i want to see recent pictures of Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of courtney love and late kurt cobain.

Sarah, CBB Editor on


Thanks for the pics v. Will post.

Sarah W, there are recent pics of Frances in the photo section already. πŸ™‚

kelley on

I have been waiting and watching to see more photos of SOLANGE KNOWLES’ baby boy. Could you please, please, PLEASE post more of them??

Sarah, CBB Editor on

STOP!!! Jeez people. Read!

C on

Pictures of Geena Davis’s kids

Kate on

I think I read somewhere that Nelly Furtado(sp)had a baby. If its true has anyone seen any pictures of the baby?

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Yes, she has a daughter named Nevis. I have pics of her pregnant but none of the baby. 😦

Laura Davis on

Do you have any pics of Sara Evans, Faith & Tim, or Reese & Ryan with kids? Any RECENT pics??? Haven’t seen any in awhile. Thanks!

Sarah, CBB Editor on

There haven’t been any new Reese pics since December unfortunately. As far as Faith and Sara, I don’t know. Photo agencies don’t take pics of them and that’s where I look!

Rachel on

I didn’t read thte comments because they are so long so I don’t know if anyone has requested this yet. But, I would love to see some pics of Ryder Robinson, Kate Hudson’s baby. I think he is just absolutley adorable. πŸ™‚

Rachel on

I don’t know if its just me but when I click on the archives, nothing happens
~Help please. 😦

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Go to the photo page and click Kate Hudson on the pull down menu. There’s a ton of Ryder. He’s one of the most up to date babies.

Rachel on

Sarah, when I click on thte pull down menu, nothing happens. Am I not doing something or what?
~Help please.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

They work fine for me and others. You may need Java enabled or something. Sorry, I don’t know how to help. 😦

Rachel on

I’m pretty sure I have java but I’ll restart my computer and see if that helps. Anyway, I won’t waste any more space about this. Thanks for trying to help Sarah. lol

Erin Walker on

I like to see pics of Belarusian Olympic medal-winning gymnat Ogla Korbort(Compeated in ’72 in Munich &’76 in Montreal)and her adult son Richard.

Alyson on

the same thing is happening to me and I do have java. I think there needs to be a go button after you pick the person on the pull down menu because it does not do anything once you pick the name and month.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

I see what you guys mean now. Danielle’s husband just put that stuff up for us tonight, so it’s still got bugs. I will send her an email. Thanks!

Stacey on

How bout Stephanie Seymour’s three sons?

Shalini on

Please post more pictures of Bono’s kids and family! We are going to the Vertigo Tour! And if you have any other U2 members pics with their familes. I do remember there was a picture of The Edge in People with his oldest daughter during his wedding I think maybe 2 years ago. Thank you.

Erin Walker on

I know another gymnast who compeated in ’04 games in Athens has 2-Annia Hacht.Does she have 2 girls or boys or one of each?Also,what are their ages?She’s 26,so,she must’ve had her first around 20,21.

Holly Metcalf on

I would like to see more photos of Kate Winslet with her daughter Mia.

Mary N. on

I would love to see bigger picture of lil Marina (Matt LeBlanc’s daughter) with her tongue sticking out. That picture is so adorable!
Jennifer Conelly & son Stellan arriving at David Letterman latenight show to promote her movie House of Sand and Fogs.

BTW, beautiful pictures Sarah & Danielle!
I hope you don’t mind me sending all those pictures I scanned earlier today, Danielle. There will be more when I dig out my old People & US Weekly collections πŸ˜€

nel on

Carrie-Anne Moss is such a wonderful person and I’d really love to see more pictures of her with her son.

Alyson on

Any pictures of Tony Hawk’s kids. He has three sons, I think are named Riley, Spencer, and Keagen.

Dee Anne on

I would like to see more pictures of Ava & Deacon, Reese & Ryan’s kids! Thanks!

Sarah on

Are there any pics available of Wendy Moniz and Frank Grillo’s 7 month-old son Liam?

sanaa on

I would love ot see pictures of:
Mekhi Phifer and Malinda William’s son -Omi
Thandie Newtons daughters
Omar Epps and Keisha Spivey daughter K’mari Mae
Nas daughter – destiny
50 cents son
P Diddys sons

Kelly on

I would love to see some celebrity evening gowns while they were pregnant if possible.

Em on


I would like to see pics of Carrie-anne moss’s son and J.K. Rowling’s children. Thank you very much.

lea on

I would really like to see Brian May’s (from the band Queen)children
Thank you!!!

Agi on

Please, I would like to see photos of Jon Bon Jovi 4 kids! (1 girl: Stephanie Rose, 3 boy: Jesse James Louis, Jacob and Romeo Jon)

Thank you!

crazy on

I want to see a photo of Diane Lane’s daughter.

S on

I have a request for pictures of :
*Comedian Chris Rock, Wife and Daughters,
*Actress Countess Vaughn James and Son
*Singer Whitney Houston and Daughter
*Actress Shar Jacksons Older Son

Joanna on


I was wondering if you could possibly post some recent pictures of Finley, Holly Marie Combs’ son? If you’ve got any then I’d be happy to see them.

Oh, and I’d also like to see some pictures of Roman, son of Cate Blanchett.

Ok, that’ll do for now. πŸ™‚

KaT on

I’d really wanna see some recent pics of Jon Bon Jovi’s four kids (I only have older photos) and Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear’s daughter Ava Elizabeth. She must be around 7 now.

Karess on

i would like a picture of lil jon when he was a kid!!!!!! Please!

Mellie on

I would love to see Billie Joe Armstrong’s (lead singer of Green Day) sons. I think he has two boys with his wife Adrienne Nesser.

Baby Girl on

I want to see a picture of Brandy Norman’s baby.

carla on

i would love to see some of the soap stars children……

Maurice Benard 2 girls, 1 boy
Steve Burton 1 girl
Sarah Brown 1 girl
Rebecca Herbst 1 girl & 1 boy
Martha Byrne 2 boys
Lesli Kay 1 boy
Michael Park 2 girls 1 boy
Maura West 2 boys & 1 girl
Joshua Morrow 1 boy
Nancy St Alban 1 girl

A on

I am obsessed with this site! Love it! Any recent pics of:
-Tony Hawk’s boys
-Taylor Hanson’s son

Heather on

I would love to see some pictures of Shannyn Sossamon’s (may have spelled that wrong) son with Dallas Clayton. She named him Audio Science and I have been curious to see what he looks like since I heard that name.

TexasMommy on

I would love to see photos of Katie Couric’s little girls, Ellie and Carrie – if available.


Erin Walker on

BTW,dbarn,Mary Lou Retton has 4 daughters.She and her girls were on that E! THS episode about the gymnast girls.

Ty on

I was hoping to see some pictures if possible of the wayans family children like Marlon Wayans kids, shawn’s, Keenan and Damon if possible

Mary N. on

More pictures of Coco Arquette (picture from either US weekly or Star mag.) and Leni Klum please πŸ™‚

Erin Walker on

How ’bout pics of “Will & Grace”star Eric McCormack and his little boy.

Erin Walker on

I said in one of my posts that Olga Kobort is Belaurisian, because most folks say she’s from Russia,but I went on a site that said that she’s from Grondno,Belarus.I know she has a son named Richard,born around 1979.

Jen on

Does anyone have pictures of Colin Firth’s sons? (Will, Luca and Mateo, I think)Thanks!

dbarn on

Yeah, Erin I know Mary Lou Retton has 4 daughters. It was a typo. I say the E! THS on gymnasts. Their names are Shayla Rae; Sklya Rae; Mckenna Lane and Emma. Thanks for correct though.

By the way, there’s a photo book called “The Glow” by Danica Perez which has wonderful pictures of celebrities during pregnancy, childbirth and as mothers. Its beautiful shots of Kelly Preston pregnant with Ella (in fact she’s on the cover); Blair Underwood with Desiree during parts of her labor. Also, great shots of Eddie Murphy and his wife and some of his children; Larry King and his wife Shaun when she was pregnant with their second son; Keenan Wayans’s wife with his daughters
and beastfeeding one them. As well as Dan Cortese with he lovely wife; Sugar Ray Leonard with his pregnant wife; Sarah Brown from GH when she was pregnant with her first; also Vanna White pregnant etc.
Its a beautiful book. I even wrote to Ms Perez about a 2nd book and she wrote back and said if there’s enough demand the publisher would possible grant a 2nd book. You can get it off Amazon. I got mine from though.

dbarn on

The book recommendation was meant for anyone who’s interested not just for Erin.

Chasity on

Please post a picture of Stacey Dash’s son.

Kiki on

More of David Boreanaz and his son Jaden, please!

Bobbie jean on

Hi I would like to see pictures of gorge lucas’s kids and steven spielberg’s and mark harmall if you could just post them up that would be great you can also email me at thanks so much luv ya.

Calista on

I would love to see some pics of Patricia Arquette’s kids (I think she has 2). Thanks:)

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Calista, they are both posted, we just don’t have a category up for her yet. πŸ™‚

C on

Are there anymore better pics of 50 Cent and his son?

C on

One more request, I’d like to se more pics of Kimora Lee Simmons kids.

Kim on

I can’t open up Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas…page not found. You have any more pictures of them?

isa on

hi, i would like to see more pictures of matt leblanc’s baby girl and coco arquette and ryder hudson.

Andie on

(I’m not sure if this was asked already but) Do you have any pictures of Martina McBride’s children or any pics of Martina currently pregnant with her 3rd child due in June?

Brynn on

Do you have any photos of Rosie O’Donnell’s adopted children?

bernadette on

actually i want to ask not for the pictures of the babies of famous celebrities but the baby pictures of famous celebrities.i am just curious to see what they look like when they were babies.thanks in advance.

Michelle on

I would LOVE to see the following:

-Recent pictures of Reese, Ryan, Ava, and Deacon (especially Ryan with Ava)

-Recent pictures of Jude Law with his daughter (I’ve seen many recently with his youngest Rudy and a few with his oldest Rafferty, but none with him and Iris.)

-Recent pictures of Eminem with Hailie Jade.

*I prefer seeing photos of the celebs with thier kids, as opposed to just their kids*

-Pregnant pictures of Elisabeth Hasselback

Thanks so much! I love this site!

Michelle on

Here is a site I found with old photos of Ryan and Ava:


Karissa on

I’d like to see some more of Kimora Lee Simmions beautiful girls

Rosalie on

I would like to see photos of David Bowie and Iman’s daughter, I bet she is one beautiful and exotic-looking child, given what her parents look like.

Shalini Kaiser on

Hi… I was wondering if you could post any Will Ferrell and I think is name is Magnus, his son.
Also I am pregnant too.. and I absolutely love this site, and my hubby loves the stuff for dads that you link too! Kudos for a job well done!

Sookie on

Any Pics of Donovan McNabb’s daughter or Erykah Badu’s daughter?

Aaliyah on

I’d love to see more photos of Kobe Bryant’s daughter.Also Damon Dash’s daughter Eva.

Linda on

I would love to see recent pictures of any member of Duran Duran and their children. Also Rosie O’Donnell, Michael Jordan, and Michale Jackson.

Vick on

I would love to see pictures

– Anthony LaPaglia + daughter – Bridget
– Step By Step Cast
– members of Korn and their children

Thans a lot!

tee on

I would like to see pics of Lebron James son

Lorena on

I would like photos of pregnant Miranda Otto from GlobePhotos.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

Those have already been posted. πŸ™‚

Heather2 on

I would love to see Kirk Cameron’s children and Heather Locklear’s daughter.

elle on

I love your site and all of the photos! Would you also consider creating a section that just lists celebrity baby names (in alphabatical order) for boys & girls?

I know other there are other baby names sites, but it would be a great ‘new addition’ here!!

Luna on

I would like to see photos of Donald Faison kids!!!!

Luna on

I have another request:

Stacey Dash son Austin.

Alex on

There are some new photos of Courtney and Jennifer Aniston with Coco shopping..I’ve only seen tiny versions of them, I was wondering if you could post bigger one’s here.

v on

every picture has celebs and there kids in it at the sponge bob premire

Al on

I don’t like the wireimage site because it won’t let you enlarge the pics. At least not for me.

Rachel on


I was wondering if anyone’s been successful in locating recent pictures of Kevin Costner’s 3 children.


Chantel on

I would really like to see some pictures of Ludacris and Karma. Please

Jessica Bird on

Would love to see some pix of David Bowie and Iman’s daughter Alexandria.

Tee on

I have a request for Stacy Dash’s son, Tisha Campbell-Martin son, and Tichinia Arnold little girl and Marlon Wayans kids

PregPoshFan on

I have a request for belly pictures of Victoria Beckham, Catherine Bell, Nelly Furtado or Carrie-Anne Moss

hermowninny on

jk rowling’s kids (2 girls, 1 boy), especially the youngest two

madonna’s kids

courteny cox’s daughter and lisa kudrow’s son

Ju on

hey, in somewhere has new pictures of Courteney Cox and her daughter Coco walking on the beach with Jennifer Aniston (Feb 8th) someone has it here?? PLEASEEE

Alyson on

Ju, if your asking for them to be posted they already are. There is pics of courtney, coco, and jennifer walking on the beach if you click on the courtney cox name on the side were all the other celebrity names are.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

No, they’re new ones. I have them but they’re very small. I’ll post them anyways I guess.

Jansen on

Do you have any pictures of Meredith Viera’s children? Especially pictures of her daughter Lily.

Madison on

Do you have any pics of Robert De Niro’s son?

Laura on

Could you please post some photos of Nelly Furtado’s daughter Nevis.

Carolina on

Any pictures of Melissa Sue Anderson’s kids ? Maybe something new of Melissa Gilber’s ones ?

cortneyh on

Does anyone have pictures of Johnny Knoxville’s daughter or Jacoby Shaddix (of Papa Roach) son?

isa on

hi i would like to see some of kate hudson’s baby, matt leblanc’s daughter(she turns a year old today), and holly marie combs son

Mary N. on

More pictures of Indian August, Casey Affleck and Summer Phoenix’s son. Please.

Dallys on

I would like to see pics of Matthew Fox’s children (1 girl and 1 boy)…

Syerra on

Please any of the following:
The Game Son
Nelly Kids

Alyson on

I’d love to see any recent pics of Toni Braxton’s boys

Annette on

Heads up!!

Julia’s twins will be shown on the Oprah show tomorrow (Thursday, February 10th).

carter on

I would really appriciate the one I requested before, but now I am curious about other celebs like:
Regina king
Denzel Washington
Tashina Arnold who played Pam on Martin and Tisha Cambell who played Gina. Oh! in that case you might as well throw in Martin’s Kids too!
Chris Tucker and Whatever happened to the girl who use to stop time with just her fingers.

Alyson on

Annette are you serious! Man, that just made my day!! Can’t wait.

Erin Walker on

You know,since there’s a photo section of basketball players and their kids,how ’bout football players(Yes,I did see the Super Bowl-Alriiiight PATROITS!) past and present like Joe Namath(2 young adult daughters),Joe Montana,Boomer Esionson,and the current stars like Donovan McNabb.

dawn on

i would like 2 see Allen Iverson’s kids, and wife.

Annette on


I’m not sure if Oprah will be showing a photo of the twins or a video but either way we will get to see the babies!

Erin Walker on

And one with gymnasts with their kids.Mary Lou Retton and her 4 girls,Annia Hact and her 2 kids,and Ogla Korbot and her son.

BTW,I dug the pic of WNBA player Rebecca Lobo pregnant,will you get a picture of her daughter anytime soon?

Nichole on

Don’t know if anyone watches Passions or not, but I believe the baby who plays Theresa’s baby on the show is actually her and Justin Hartley’s (Fox on show) actual baby. It looks just like her.

Erin Walker on

How about pics of politians and their kids one section for Republicans and another for Democrats.Like first children past and present-George W. & Laura Bush and their daughters Barbra and Jenna.Bush’s former opponent John Kerry and his daughters Alexandra and Vanessa.Senator Brack Obama and his kids.

Jane on

Great site – it’s really cute!
I was wondering if you could post pictures of Martina Mcbride’s kids? (She’s a country singer)and maybe some more of Sara Evans?

Erin Walker on

And Sen.Ted Kenndy(D-MA)and his kids and grandkids and Sen.Rick Santorum(R-PA)and his 6 kids.
Bill,Hillary,and Chelsea Clinton

Agi on

I would like to see pics of the Bon Jovi members kids!
Jon Bon Jovi (1 girl, 3 boy)
Richie Sambora (1 girl) wife Heather Locklear!
David Bryan (2 girl, 1 boy)
Tico Torres (1 boy) (He has baby clothes, see

Also 9 Bon Jovi kids!!!

Sarah on

Someone wrote about Roman, son of Cate Blanchett. There is already a pic up of him.
The page of Michael Douglas/Catherine Zeta Jones cannot be opened! It always says Page no found.
Does anyone know if Diane Lane has children and if yes, are there any pics of them?

ctottenham on

How about both Jodie Foster and Liam Neeson and Natasha Richardson and families???

Holly on

All the gallagher children are so cute but I have never seen any pictures of Liam’s daughter molly. I have heard she looks just like him Her mum is Kill city singer Lisa Moorish

terri on

I would really like to see pictures of Chris Martin and Apple. Also, what about any pictures of smiling babies? I know it is hard because these pictures are not personally taken from the parents camera. Also What and Michael Douglas’ kids. thanks this is an awesome site.

MsChica on

I have pictures of Solonge Knowlege’s Son. Please send an email to: and I will forward them to you.

Jaclyn on

Does anyone know the name of Cole Hauser’s and Cynthia Daniel’s son?

Yala on

Hi! I would love to see photo’s of Tyson Beckfords son Jordan and Donald Faison’s kids: Dade, Kaya, Sean and Kobe.

Lori on

I would love to see pics of Tracey Gold’s 3 kids if anyone has some.

Missy on

I love the site!
I would love to see any pictures of:
Shania Twain’s son
Prince Edward & Sophie’s daughter
Rebecca Herbst from General Hospital with her 2 children
Any pictures if these families would be wonderful to see
Thanks so much in advance

bp on


Callie on

I don’t really have a request but my e-mail is messed up and I couldn’t send an e-mail to y’all. I got some more screencaps of Julia’s twins from Oprah today. I posted them at the CelebKids board if you want to check them out. Y’all are more than welcome to post them here if you’d like. πŸ™‚

marla on

i would like to see pictures of Richard dean anderson’s daughter Wylie!

Heather on

I would love to see some pictures of Colin Farrell and Kim Bordenvave’s son James. Some pics clearly showing his face.

Sarah, CBB Editor on

There were some posted today.

Kildine on

I’d like to see pictures of the son of the French Canadian singer : Roch Voisin !
His son, Killian is born in June 2004 πŸ˜‰


Mariana on

I’d like to see baby pictures of Julian Murray (Lisa Kudrow and Michael Stern’s son)

Meg on

Oh I’d love to see a picture of Natalie Merchant’s little girl!

Elisa on

Hey guys…I’m looking for pix of Caroline Corr babies, Jake and Georgina.
It’s being really hard to find!

marilyn on

Johnny Knoxville!!!!!!!!

Louise on

I’d like to see photos of Shane and Gillian Filan. It was just announced 1 week ago that she is 13 weeks pregnant, so may take some time before you can get some pregnant photos of her.

Shane Filan is 1/4 member of the irish boyband Westlife, used to be groupmates with Brian McFadden (photos posted of him and Kerry in the boyband section).

angelica on

I’d like to see a picture of rebecca de mornay children.

finley on

i would like to see shane mcmahon and marissa mazzola’s son Declan mcmahon. Also shawn micheals kids cameron and madison. Also chris jericho son Ash.

regina on

I know some one already asked, but I’d love to see pics of Chris Cornell’s daughters. Great site!!

Anonymous on

Carter – I think you mean Holly Marie Combs (Piper from Charmed) – there are tons of pictures of her and son Finley in the photo gallery.

Rye on

Does anyone know any info on Anna Bocci and model Joel West’s baby? I read that they had a baby back in 2002 and I had no idea! She used to host While You Were Out back in the VERY beginning. Joel West is famous for Calvin Klein ads.

Aimee on


I have a request. At Christmas there was a BBC short about the Royal Family. Prince Edward and Sophie Wessex’s one year old daughter, Louise, was briefly seen. I’d love screencaps. I don’t believe there are any other photos of her. Anyone know?

I’d also like to see photos of:
-Bowie and Iman’s daughter
-James Marsters son
-Johnny Depp’s children
-Twiggy Ramirez’s (of Marilyn Manson) daughter


Kim on

I would love to see some more photos of Kate Winslet and her family.
Thanks =)

Jeanne on

Hi! I know the site from the very beginning and wanna say it’s a fantastic one… I love it being updated daily and I wanna thanks the people behind all this awesome work!
I’ll be interested in seeing more pics of:
Johnny Depp’s
Jude Law’s
Cindy Crawford’s
Uma Thurman’s
Angelina Jolie’s
Kate Moss’
Julio Iglesias’
Meg Mathew’s
That what I’m focused on right now! lol
Thanks in advance…

Mara on

I’d like to see some pics of:
-Elizabeth Shue’s Miles and Stella
-Julio Iglesias’s Ricardo, Miguel,Cristina and Victoria
-Michelle Pfeiffer’s Claudia and John
-Sarah Connor’s Tyler
-Shania Twain’s Eja
-Ronaldo’s kids
-David Beckham’s Brooklyn, Romeo
Thanks in advance…
P.S. I love this site!

Kady on

Not a photo request, but following the “Who writes this thing?” post, I’d really like a behind the scenes type post. Where do you get your news and pictures from? What do you do when someone requests a photo? Do you scour the net for info, are you signed up with photo agencies, do you rely on emails from readers etc. I think you get where I’m going with this! Anyway, it would be interesting, so if you get the time I’d apreciate it.

d'marie on

i would love to see more up dated pictures of brandy and her 2 yr old daughter sy’rai please try to get some thank u so much

d'marie on

i would also love to see some up dated pics of ja rule his wife and their three kids the last time i seen any pics of them was like in 2002 and his son young rule is soooooooo cute he also has another son jordan who will be 2 in march but i never seen him so if you can pleeeeeeeease get pics of them thank you

D'marie on

i think it’ll be nice to see some pics of T-Boz (from the female r&b group tlc) and her 4 year old daughter chase i never seen her daughter before

Melanie on

Paul Walker’s daughter *=]

a on

old pic of madonna and lourdes
Really cute Iman and David Bowie
Martina McBride

I reccomend this site, there is really good new and old (large) pics

Fiona on

-Taylor and Natalie Hanson and son Ezra

Tammy on

I would love to see pictures of Emilio Estevez’s children. Thanks!

Zaydrianna on

shar jacksons new baby boy?

Jesse on

IΒ΄d like to ask for pictures of the 4 boys of Patricia Heaton.
Also cutie Christopher Cain and little Ezra Hanson.

bethan on

Hi, I’d like to see pics/more pics of:

– Johnny Depps kids
– Tom Cruise & Nicole kidmans Kids
– Keeley Hawes Kids
– Noah Wyles Son
– Sherry Stringfields Kids
– Alex Kingstons Daughter
– Roxann Dawsons Kids
– Antonia Kidmans Kids


Jaylyn on

Julian McMahon and Brooke Burns daughter Madison
recent pictures

Ashley on

This isn’t a request…more of a bit of news…

Maurice Benard (Sonny on General Hospital) was on The View yesterday, and he showed pix of his beautiful little boy. There is one pic of him with his little girls and his little boy together, but you’ve gotta surf through the other pix.

Kathryn on

Do you have any new pics of Finley Donoho (Holly Marie Combs’ son) or and pics of Matthew Fox’s kids Kyle and Byron. Thx.

Allison on

I would like to see pictures, names and ages of Donna D’Errico’s (Baywatch) children. I think she is married to Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue (sp?) and they have 4-5 children between them. Thanks.

jessamy on

I’d like to see more pics of Natalia Vodianova’s son Lucas and of Johnny Depp’s kids Lily and Jack. Thanks.

Iz on

Any pics of Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Parker’s baby(when she arrives) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

sophie on

PLLLEEEAAASSSEEEEE!!!! Any pics of the following;

– Marg Helgenbergers son
– Keeley Hawes Kids
– Robert Picardos Girls

Thanks in advance

Lia on

Does anyone have pictures of Duane Martin and Tisha Campbell-Martin.

Ella Lynn on

I would like to see recent pictures of Noah Wyle’s son Owen, Sherry Stringfield’s children and Matt Leblanc’s daughter .

C on

Lindsay Korman Hartley’s daughter Isabella, an updated one please:)

jj on

I would LOVE to see a picture of Billy Crudup’s son, (Atticus I think?)!

km on

I hope this helps
I love this website!!

Here is Marge one of these boys is her son
its the 8th picture and you can click to enlarge it

Here is a really cute picture of Noah and Owen

Natalia Vodianova its the last picture on the left column

Donna D’Errico

Sahbict Faubcdkeer on

Do you have any pictures of Courtney Cox- Arquette pregnant?

kd on

Alicia on

Please! Please! Please!

Send more and more photos of Reese Witherspoon, Ryan Phillippe and their gorgeous children, Ava and Deacon!!!!

They are everyones favourite couple who have had the most beautiful children in the world so please hurry and send more!!!!

Alicia on

Please! Please! Please!

Send more gorgeous photos of Reese Witherspoon, Ryan Phillippe and their two beautiful children, Ava and Deacon.

They are everyones favourite couple and we want to see alot more of them so please hurry!!!!

Alyson on

here is a good pic of Melissa Etheridge and her kids Bailey and Beckett.

Erin Walker on

How about any of the Kennedys,like photos of Jackie with Caroline and John-John(R.I.P),and,of course,Teddy with his kids-and grandkids.

Erin Walker on

You should also have a ‘Alternative Rockers’section,I mean as a child of the ’90s,It’s awesome to see that my fav musicans from that era of “grunge”are starting families.You try to find more pics of Eddie Vedder and Olivia(CUTE Kid,BTW),Scott Weiland and his kids,Chris Cornell and his daughters,and of course,Courtney Love and Frances.

Ellie Juarez on

What about Brandon Fraser!! He has just had his second child and he has TONS of fans. It seems that he is one of the hard one’s to get photos of with his children, and wife. PLEASE!! Id love to see photos of him and family.

Private on

I would love to see the pictures of Kate Hudon with Ryder at her brother’s graduation last spring. I remember those pictures were so adorable!

KIM on


angelique on

Duff Mckagen and Susan Holmes, Pretty Please!!!

Rhonda on

i would like to see pictures of rapper lil kim kids and eve kids and also michael jackson kids

v on

Tyrone on

I would love to Gia Carides pregnant and with Anthony Lapaglia and their daughter because she look just like her. That’s realy cute.

Alyson on

here is another picture of Melissa Etheridge and her family. Her kids seem to be naked in all of her public photos!


i will like to see solange’s son and i wil also like to see brandy’s daughter and jamelia’s daughter teja

Shelly on

Can you please put pictures of Brooke Kerr with her son and husband. If you are not familiar with her she plays the tall beutiful oldest daughter of two, Whitney Russell she is an awesome actress.

Alyson on

here is a pic of John Travolta and daughter

Carolyn on

How about Kelly Packard from Baywatch and Ripleys? She is doing those Billy Blanks Tae Bo Boot Camp infomercials now

Kate on

A while back someone asked for some pictures of Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day kids. If you go to this site there are some pictures there.

Natasha on

David Bowie/Iman daughter= Alexandria Zahra Jones (recent pics, her baby pics aren’t difficult to find). She was born August 15, 2000.

angelique on

Kid Rock and his son, please!

Anne on

I’d like to see David Bryan’s kids’ pics. (Bryan is the keyboardist of Bon Jovi)
Their names are Colton and Gabby ( 10 ) and Tyger Lily ( 4 ).
Please Answer… Thank You…

sonny on

More of Carrie-Anne Moss and son please.

Megan on

Are their any photos out there of Melissa Etheridge and/or Julie Cypher and their 2 children: Bailey & Beckett

Alyson on

here is a cute pic of the Etheridge kids and their moms

kelsey on

more kelly ripa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chris on

will someone please post Tracy Shaw have a baby boy. Thanks! here is the website.

Kevin Bryant on

Do u have any more pregnant photos of Amy Acker

jessica on

Are there any pictures of Natalie Hanson during her second pregnancy?

raven on

I really like to see the son of Michael Weatherly!!! He has a son called August.
Please have someone some pic of him

Alyson on

Any pics of Tony Hawk’s kids?

This is probably worthless to ask, but maybe some pics of Michael Jackson’s kids

Sarah, CBB Editor on

There’s a photo of Tony and his son posted under “Sports.”

I’m going to close this post for a bit. I’m really busy with school and work, and Danielle has a lot of personal things going on right now, so neither of us have been filling requests lately, and I’d rather not have them pile up anymore.

If you have any pictures of anyone requested, please send them in an email. Thanks!