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11/17/2004 at 08:28 PM ET

From time to time, CBB readers email us with baby news and opinions.  I haven’t had a chance to factcheck or research anything, but I wanted to post these before I go away for Thanksgiving.

Jacquie told us: Laurel Holloman (actress from The L Word) gave birth to a baby girl on November 5th 2004.

Similarly, Scribechick told us: Rumor has it that she and husband Paul Macherey welcomed a daughter on November 5.

Jennifer M. told us: I think I finally found the info about Wendy Moniz and Frank Grillo. I saw this posted on a chat group for Wendy Moniz. The moderator posted that she gave birth to a healthy baby boy which they named Liam. Didn’t give a birth date but the announcement was posted 06/30/04. They also have a son Remy.

She also told us: There is an Essence magazine article with Lela Rochon Fuqua where she is quoted as saying she was due with a baby boy in May. Of course this article took place before the birth so there is no info on the name, date, etc.

Sarah T told us:  Eric Clapton and wife are expecting their third baby this spring joining daughters Julie and Ella.   I read this in US magazine and People.

Michele L. wants to know which cele
bs are using cloth diapers: Hi, I really like your blog about celebrity babies — I use cloth diapers for my non-celebrity baby and since I found out that Gwyneth Paltrow and hubby use cloth diapers I’ve been curious about what other celebs are using them.   Please let me know of any other celebrities off the top of your head who use them (i don’t need any lists — if you can think of one other one that would be great).

Jane M. wants to know: Can anyone tell me why everytime I see Courteney Cox-Arquette out with her husband and baby, she is (a) never smiling,(b) never holding the baby. As a mother of two children I think her beghavior is quite odd. After such a battle trying to get pregnant I would have expected her to be
constantly carrying and cuddling her child. Does she have post natal depression?

If you have any juicy dish, hot news or any opinion on all things celebrity babe, email us.

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Sarah on

Re: Courteney, she is notoriously a paparazzi hater and tried to make a deal with them that if she posed for a shot (the one featured in People & Us after the birth) that they would leave her alone. They haven’t respected that.

A photo of Courteney actually holding the baby is worth much more $$$ when it’s sold, so I think she avoids it when they are in public.

However, I have seen photos taken through her bushes and windows (unfortunately) of her breastfeeding Coco and playing with her at home.

Courteney also employs a full time nanny who seems to take on most of the grunt work when they are out in public, so I think that also gives off an impression since Gwyneth, Kate Hudson etc don’t employ nannies.

I’m just as surprised as you that she doesn’t seem more involved when out in public, but I do belong to a Courteney board that says that they’re not surprised at that, with her paparazzi hatred.

Hope that (kind of) answered your question!

Layla on

I think that all the celebrities have nannies. If you don’t see them out and about with them, it’s because they back at the celeb’s house cooking and cleaning. Celebrities aren’t just like you and me. As much as we want to relate to them, you can’t. As far as Courtney Cox goes I would be upset too if cameras were chasing me all the time. But don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

Sarah on

Gwyneth and Heidi Klum both don’t have nannies for sure, they both use their moms for help. Kate Hudson may have one at home, but she doesn’t have one out with her all the time like Courteney. Even just walking on the beach, the nanny is there. 😀

dbarn on

Rumor has it that Dixie Chick Emily Robison may be pregnant with twins. Given that her sister just had twin girls in May and her sister-in-law singer Alicia Willis has 2 or 3 yr old twin boy and girl she must be very excited. Again this is an unconfirmed rumor floating around. If I hear any kind of confirmation I’ll make you to post.

dbarn on

Sorry her sister in laws name is Kelly Willis not Alicia (shes not the woman from General Hospital).

Millikate on

Laurel Holloman named her baby Lola.

Janie on

I find the Courtney thing strange too, even with the Paparazzi hater explanation – If someone were chasing me for a photo of my baby my natural instint would be to hold that baby close to me, not walk ahead and leave someone else to protect the infant.
However, people who have had difficulty conceiving and lost babies previously have a higher risk of suffering post-natal depression.

Ashlee on

Courteney doesn’t want to give the paparazzi the chance to make big bucks off of her kid. She wasn’t always a “hater.” In fact she and David used to pose quite frequently for the was only when she was pregnant that things got totally out of control. Plus when she is out in public, its not like “just anyone” is holding the baby…it’s usually always David. I’ve seen Courteney several times since she has had Coco and she seems very happy. Like I said, she’s just not going to make it easy for people who are stalking her and give them an easy “money shot.”

april on

does any one know what julio iglesias I and ronna keitt had and named the precise bundle of joy the were due in spring of this year but thats the last that was heard.
thank you

Christelle on

They had a little boy named Jaime on May 18th.

april on

thank you

Greenie on

I just want to clarify that Jaime is the son of Dr. Julio Iglesias Puga, father of singer Julio Iglesias and grandfather of Enrique and Julio Jr. The senior Julio is 87, and wife Ronna is 40.

marika on

I’d love to see pix of the following celebs and their kids:
Valeria Mazza
Elle Macpherson
Victoria Beckham
Helena Christensen
Nina Moric
Claudia Schiffer