Lovely Liv Tyler

10/10/2004 at 11:48 PM ET

I discovered a great site dedicated to Liv Tyler, called Lovely Liv Tyler. It hosts tons of photos including a bunch of stalkerazzi shots of her pregnancy. Check out this article from Dutch Celebrity that they translated.

In it, she says: “I have always said I want at least five [children]. I am such a motherly type. People in my surroundings get nervous from that sometimes. Maybe it is because my mother is more eccentric than me. She is living a wild life and sometimes I am motherly over her. I remember saying as a child: ‘Mom, I think it is time for me to go to bed now’, because she didn’t think about such things.

Why do celebrities always want an insane amount of kids?


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Anna on

So you’re saying 5 kids is an “insane” amount?

Jane on

I must admit, five is a pretty large number for this day and age. I couldn’t imagine having five. And Liv and her husband both work quite hard jobs – It wouldn’t be fair to the five children, if they could never spend time with them.

Marisa on

I think it’s because they don’t have to be the sole caretaker. Think about it this way- wouldn’t a 7000 square foot home be amazing, with a guest house and a pool (and pool house) etc? Yes it would be- but not if you spent all of your time cleaning and maintaing it. But- if you can afford help it makes it wonderful. Or even having 5 houses or 10- every city you go to you could have a house. It’s only great if you have the money to afford help.

Lots of kids are great, but reasonably speaking, it’s not like you need them to work on the farm- where they would be busy all day and helping earn $. 5 isn’t an insane amount but it definetly eats into “me time” and “couple time” etc… you know- those things that help keep sanity and good relationships.

Ri on

because celebrities can afford to have 5+ kids…